Thursday, September 27, 2012

Learning to Photograph Jewelry

I've gotten some great feedback on my wood jewelry and I've decided to list some of them in my shop. So far I've photographed about 10 pair of earrings and I'm finding that jewelry is a whole new ballgame for me when it comes to product photography.
I'm used to photographing larger objects and most of which stand on their own. Jewelry is small, but you still need to show its size and how it hangs. And since Jesse (my boyfriend) doesn't have pierced ears, I'm attempting to photograph myself wearing the!
I know there are several jewelry artists that read my blog and many jewelry buyers, so I'm looking for input! Above are the two photos I'm debating using for my feature photo. Are either of them eye catching? Which should I use and why?
Here are the other photos I plan to use in my listing. What are your thoughts? Are there better angles I should be using?

Next I hope to photograph some of my pendants. I suppose I better get all my earring photos edited first!
 Thanks in advance for your input and advice :)


  1. Between the top two photos, I like the second one (with the earrings hanging from the glass). I think it's more interesting than having them lay flat.

    I think it's good to have a picture of yourself wearing them (or a willing volunteer if you can find it). That's one thing I have yet to do with most of my pieces. Sometimes I will just photograph them laying in my hand to help get an idea of scale.

  2. Love your wood jewelry. My favorite photos are the top one, and the one with you wearing the earring. (Maybe have Jesse or a friend take one of you so it is a little less awkward?) That photo gives the best representation of size and length, I think.

  3. Love the earrings!

    I've heard discussions about jewelry being worn by a live model not being a good idea because people don't want to buy them after. A lot of people use a mannequin of some sort to photograph their jewelry.

  4. I like the earrings on the glass for the main shot. It's easier to see the shape, which matters for a design like this one. If the wood were a circle, people could still get the idea from something more artsy, but when I do something organic I like to start out straightforward.

    As for taking pictures of yourself, stand in front of a mirror use it to reflect the screen on the back of your digital camera. It will help you figure out what angles work best without taking 600 pictures.

    And I'm glad somebody brought up the whole "live model" discussion. I don't show myself wearing earrings unless I get asked for a picture, just in case seeing the stock photo of me grosses somebody out.

    My goodness, I'm chatty today!

  5. Cute earrings! I like the second photo best. I've heard the same things about a live model too but I've also seen it done so I don't know. It's not so easy photographing jewelry is it? :)

  6. This dilemma has been handled several ways: laying an earring oEdi, You're getting some good feedback.
    I like the first two photos best. The earrings dangling on glass may be best because it's very clear what they are during the split second first glance most items get.
    I've read the same discussions that Kim refers to. Some people are turned off by a live model wearing earrings that they themselves might then purchase. This dilemma has been handled several ways: lay the earring on a photograph of a face in the approximate position an earring would be, hanging the earring from a sculpted model, or making a clear note in the description that the buyer would be receiving a fresh pair of earrings.
    All that being said, the photo of you wearing the earring is a good one.

  7. As a shopper I like the photo where the earrings are hanging off the glass.

    I've read complaints about that shot being bland or common...but as a buyer I like seeing how they are going to hang.


  8. Most jewelry artisans hang their earrings on the rim of a cup or glass. I think yours look great this way too!
    I LOVE my earrings and pendant :)

  9. Hi Edi,
    Yes, photographing jewelry is tricky! I like the first 2 photos as well as you modeling them.

    I prefer to see simple photos like you have here. I notice many jewelry artisan have busy backgrounds. The photos look pretty but it is difficult to see the item. I would also recommend using a ruler or a coin in one of the photos to give the view a good idea of its size. It looks like you have good lighting. That is usually my challenge so I end up taking my photos in daylight.

  10. I like the one with the glass best for your feature photo- it seems more true to the pieces since you see how they would actually hang and the angle is more straight on giving more realistic depiction of scale, size, and proportion.

    I also really like the model one- it's SO important to have this shot for scale:)

  11. I love the shot of them on the glass. I was going to bring up the live model thing as well! I personally like to see how jewelry will hang from the ear, but many others get grossed out by actual people wearing the products. (personally, i think mannequins are a little creepy, ahah)

  12. I agree, I like the shot hanging from the glass rim. I have done this and I think it provides an artsy shot, while still representing the earrings in a beautiful light.

  13. I really like the shot of the earrings on the rim of the glass. It's a nice clear shot and the earrings really pop. Photographing jewelry is a little tricky, but just keep practicing and it will easier and easier each time you do it.
    Everyday Inspired

  14. I think you've done a find job. I do like the earrings hanging from the glass. I think it's also important to show the one where it's hanging from your ear also. That's the true example of size. Very cute by the way!

  15. Very nice photos! I love the second one and the one with you; however I will second the reviewers who say you need to work on the angles. Given how perfect everything you do, I am sure there will be boutique level photos of you modeling jewelry soon!

  16. I think the 2nd pic is the best. It shows the scale really well. If you include a pic of the earrings with a model, I would suggest you mention that the buyer will get new earrings. I think some people feel weird about wearing something that was modeled by a real life person! btw - these are very nice!

  17. I really like the second one best because it shows the angle of the butterfly hanging and also the shape details. I personally don't need to see the earrings on a model to decide if I will buy them, but I agree with other commenters that you should make it clear in the description that they would get new, never before worn earrings!
    I hope the jewelry does well in the shop for you!

  18. You're off to a great start! When I list earrings, I always include photos of them laying down, hanging on a glass, and hanging on the earring card. I like to put a cloth backdrop in my light box behind the glass or earring card so you don't see the sides of the box.

    It depends on the earring design as to which photo I use as the first listing photo. I don't have a standard pose for that.

    Currently I don't include modeled photos of my earrings, but I do have mirrors in my craft fair booth.


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