Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Craft Show Review and Tips

I can't believe the holiday show season is already here! I've already participated in 2 shows this fall...two down, two to go! I wanted to share what I've learned from these two shows and give some tips for those of you doing shows this year as well.

I'm noticing a pattern I saw last year that people like to buy smaller, less expensive items at shows. My most popular items at shows have been in the $7-$20 price range. Luckily I have several items in this price range that have appealed to shoppers. I noticed this at my first show, so stocked up on even more at my second show.

I'd also like to point out that that doesn't mean you shouldn't have larger, more expensive items at your shows. In fact, I encourage you to have at least one large item to draw in attention. The item itself may not sell, but drawing people into your booth and starting a conversation is half the battle. Once they've checked out your larger piece, they will want to see what else you have for sale.

Another trend I've noticed in years past and am seeing again this year is that people at shows want to take their items with them. I only took a handful of custom orders at both shows. Personalized items are my biggest seller online, but at shows, people want to take their items out the door that day. I've started gearing my display to this mindset and leaving out some of my custom work and adding more premade items for options at shows.

Both of the shows I've attended this year have been great shows. I attribute part of this to the shows themselves. Both shows have been going for several years (over 50 years in one case). The shows are also well advertised and well organized. I've attended several shows that are a total bust because of lack of advertising. I'm really picky about which shows I attend anymore and these two shows just prove that point to me again and again.

Have you attended any shows this year? Do you have any tips to share...leave me a comment.


  1. I'm so glad that both shows went well for you, Edi! That's amazing, that one of them has been running for 50 years! I haven't done a show, but I've been to plenty and I agree people usually buy small items that they can take home straight away :)

  2. Your displays look great, Edi!

    I had to cancel all 4 shows this Fall due to new job work commitments. But I saw the same trends as you did at the shows where I vended last year. Lower priced items moved very well. My best sellers online did not do well.

  3. I'm glad that your shows have gone well so far! I hope that the other 2 this fall are a success, too. You're definitely right about the smaller items and that people want to take items with them. I sell a ton of $3-$15 items at shows, and it's extremely rare that I take a customer order. It's good to be prepared. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great tips Edi! I agree that people like the lower cost items if they are for gifts. It is irritating though for someone to be set up near me selling $5 earrings since there's no way I can compete with that.

    P.S. Was that lady in the last picture trying to hide behind your display? LOL!

  5. It sounds like you have learned a lot through your experiences! The displays looks great. Well marked and easy to see. I had the same experience when doing jewelry parties. The under $20 items sold really well. The higher ticket items sold less frequently. Then there are the occasional custom requests. I hope the remaining shows are a huge success for you this year!

  6. great displays!
    and good information.
    I think it's important to have at least one impressive (expensive) item that shows off your talent. If they like your work, customers will then want a "piece of you" at a mush lower price point.
    Besides advertizing, it's important that shows have a variety of items. I quit participating in a show that I'd participated in for years because of this important lack.

  7. Really great displays Edi! fingers crossed for a successful holiday show series this year!!

  8. Great displays! Displays are the hardest part for me. I totally agree bout having a larger item for attention - no one ever buys a doormat at a show, but a big rope doormat does grab attention! I really like your chevron necklaces and hope your have a successful season!

  9. High-five for two good shows! I hope the other two hit it out of the park, as well.

    I agree with you about smaller, affordable items selling the best. I had $9 rings and $5 mini earrings at all of my shows and they were hands down the best sellers. Allowing people the option of mixing and matching (if applicable) is nice, too. I started bringing my coasters towards the tail end of my doing shows, and people were SO excited they got to make their own sets. :-)

  10. I'm glad your shows went so well and I'm sure the other two will be great too!

    Great tips you are sharing. I would have never thought to have a bigger item mainly for the purpose to draw people to your booth, but it sure does make a lot of sense!


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