Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Guys

For my Friday Features the rest of this month, I'll be posting a Gift Guide with a specific theme (stocking stuffers, guy gifts, gifts for women, etc.). I'll be showcasing items I have for sale in these categories. I'll also be putting together a treasury each week to fit the theme as well.

I don't know about you, but the men in my life are the hardest ones to buy for! That's why I've chosen to highlight some of the items I have for guys in my shop and I've put together a great treasury with 16 more great guy gift ideas.



  1. Great ideas! Gotta love that Husker mug (although rumor has it our football coach will announce his "resignation" after the Iowa game).
    Nine wins sounds pretty good to me.

    Works of art.

  2. Perfect gifts for the guys! They are so hard to buy for and you are making a bit easier!

  3. great post. It's hard to come up with guy gift ideas and I know my hubby would love all of them... well maybe not the cuff links since he rarely wears anything but short-sleeves.

  4. Nice things you have; and I love the treasury! It's time to shop!

  5. Combining a beer glass with a sports team logo is brilliant for the man! I love all your other ideas too.

  6. Great pics Edi! My fave is the superman cufflinks :)


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