Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4-H Full-Circle

As many of you may already know, 4-H holds a special place in my heart. It is how I got started paper crafting and how I got to where I am today :) Thanks to my mom for getting me involved (and funding my crafting habits!) and to my aunt who was our leader!
I learned more than paper crafting at 4-H though, we did all kinds of crafting. Each month my aunt had a different project ready for us to make. She wanted us to make things throughout the year so we had projects to take to the fair. We also did fund-raising and volunteering to help give back to the community.
This year my 4-H involvement has gone full-circle. A couple of months ago I was asked to give a demonstration at a local 4-H meeting. I taught the girls how to make greeting cards and gave them some time to play with all the supplies I brought. It was fun watching them create just as I had done many years ago :)
And today I will be judging the historian book category at our county fair. I was proud that they thought of me and thought I would do a good job at this task :) I am fortunate to be able to give back to the organization that gave me so much :)
How did you get started crafting? Have you been able to give back to those that helped you along the way? It really is a great feeling :)


  1. That's awesome, Edi!
    I have always loved crafting. I probably started when first I picked up a crayon. I have been tie dyeing for many years--selling and teaching. I have been able, on several occasions, to help people dye shirts to give away to children from lower incomes nearby, or on mission trips to far away lands. Giving back is such a thrill!

  2. Great post!!

    My mom was a knitter and then she did needlepoint. I picked that up and then moved to cross stitch. I loved being able to give a handmade gift to someone I cared about. Now I crochet, sew, and dabble in decoupage and paper stuff. I just love to create! Many time people will see me crochet and say that they could never do that. I tell them they just need to try!

  3. What's the historian book category? You'll have to explain that one to us!

  4. 2 words - VERY PROUD! Mom

  5. Such a wonderful story Edi! I'm sure you made a great impression on those girls who you taught how to make greeting cards a couple of months ago! I bet there will be some new paper crafters now!

  6. Great story! :D

    I don't know when I started crafting.. Several years ago I started making gemstone bracelets because of my Mom. She bought some bracelets and when I saw them I told her that I knew where to buy the supplies and I can make them for her.. since that day I have worked with beads - gemstone, crystal, and pearls.. And when my boyfriend had to go to London for study Master, I started to knit again (after 6-7 years)..


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