Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She Wore Flowers in Her Hair

A special thanks goes out to Patty this morning :) Patty is co-owner with her daughter Ruthie of kstreasures on Etsy.
Patty has several wonderful crocheted items in their shop and she made me some super cute flower hair clips!!!
I love that these are a little bigger than the ones I already had so I can use them several different ways.
This is normally how I pull my hair back. Just one piece in the clip.
And now I can pull it back like this. Just run the clip along the side of my hair and done :)

Here is another of Patty's items I love from their shop. Go find your favorite today :)


  1. Those hairclips look so pretty in your beautiful blonde hair! That necklace is lovely too!

  2. What a great complement to your gorgeous hair!


  3. They are beautiful! and so are you Miss Edi!!

  4. totally cute! I love her crocheted floral necklaces

  5. You are a wonderful model for such a pretty product!


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