Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scrapbooking with Power Tools!

Yup...you heard me right...Power tools :) Hey, they make things easier for other parts of life...why not scrapbooking! Currently all of my Word and Name Albums are cut by hand with an Xacto knife! This is a very time consuming process and puts strain on my hands, elbows, shoulders and back! And I break knives left and right sometimes! So I recently bought a scroll saw :)
Meet my new toy...and hopefully my new best friend :)
My new workspace isn't exactly wonderful...but it will have to do. The saw puts off a lot of dust, so my scrap room was out of the question. I might paint a little space and hang some things on the wall just to make it more welcoming :) Here are some of my first attempts as using the saw. It will definitely take me some time and lots of practice before I can use it on my albums. But it will be well worth the effort! I have been trying different blades, different speeds, and practicing with different letter shapes.
Look at me go :) And I still have all of my fingers...so far!
My next step is to practice with inside letters like A's, B's, P's, R's, etc. I have to drill holes in the letters, take the blade out, put the blade through the drilled hole and cut from there! Yup...lots more practice! Here's to hoping this is my best investment yet :)


  1. Yippe for power tools...you will be an expert in no time at all!!

  2. Great idea! More power to you...(couldn't resist!)

  3. I'm happy for you! But watch those fingers! And how about using some goggles! Sorry. . . once a mom, always a mom!!! hee hee!

  4. I featured you on my blog today!

  5. you be careful !!!! This will help speed things up.

    I just got a new tool - it's a small papercutter! Not a power tool but now I can cut a straight line!

  6. I wondered how you cut out all those letters and make them look so perfect! I imagine doing it by hand is extremely hard so I hope you get the hang of that saw quickly!

  7. That is one serious-looking machine! I second the goggles. :) Have fun!

    And thank you so much for your condolences comment on my blog.

  8. That is great! May you have lots and lot of success using this wonderful new tool!


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