Sunday, July 5, 2009

I've Been Tagged...Twice!

I must be popular today, because I've been tagged by two of my fellow EtsyBlogger friends :) I love any game that allows me to show off photos :)
The first tag comes from Deb at StoryBeader. I am to show off my 10th photo in my 1st folder. Well, this folder only had one picture in it, so it was pretty easy to find :) This is a photo of Jesse on one of our trips to Wyoming. He had eaten hot wings and I was trying to get a picture of his messy face and he was attempting to hide from the camera :)
The second tag comes from Sharla at BeadedTail. I am to show off my 6th photo in my 6th folder. This one doesn't fit well with the season, but it's a good one :) This is our friend Jeff on one of our snowmobile rides this past winter.
Who knows how my folders will be organized next time I get tagged. I am always moving them around and refiling them. They start as folders marked by the day they were taken, then they get organized by the month they were taken, and finally they get organized by year. I try to keep everything in place so I can find them when I need them. I think I just found my next project!
Oh yeah...I need to tag 5 friends.
1. Lily at Tulips Talking
2. Terronda at Unique Commodities
4. Alicia at Boylerpf
5. Eileen at Dorset Hill Beads


  1. Those are great photos! The one of Jesse is so funny! And the snow reminds me not to complain when I touch down in Vegas today and it's 107 degrees!

  2. great photos. A good show at what's going on with you. Most of my pics are jewelry, unless I go on vacation! lol {:-D

  3. I love that picture with the wings face! Now I know why we never delete pics..LOL!
    Thanks for the tag..I'll be posting it this week...will be lots of fun to see the other pictures in your list!

  4. ok so i'm kind of blog challenged hahaha since you tagged me i have to post a pic? haha sorry i'm pretty lame but i'm trying :)

  5. thanks for tagging me...
    your photos are great...jessie looks hot hot hot...and the second picture looks great on these summer days of sun and heat...

    so am i to do the same...what's our assignment now that i am tagged...???

  6. Hi Sweets, I've been around...long stories...

    Jesse... got love him huh! Fun "tag" game. Will do mine later, have appt. this am. Thank you so much for thinking of and missing me... :o)



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