Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mid-Year Goals Review

Each year I make goals for my shop and my blog. I don't believe in resolutions. I like goals because they are measurable and carry specific plans with them. I like to do a mid-year review each year to see how I'm doing and see if I'm on track. Let's take a look at how I'm doing so far...
Blog Goals:
*Goal: Post between 3-5 times per week
**Actual: 131 posts for 26 weeks...average of 5 times per week ON TRACK
*Goal: Total Followers of 150
**Actual Followers: 196 ON TRACK
I attribute the extra followers to a large giveaway I did in April as well as joining another team on Etsy.
Shop Goals:
*Goal: 150 sales for 2011
*Actual: 80 as of June 30th ON TRACK
My plan of attack for sales this year was more price points and new product lines, both of which I have done and I think they have both helped my sales. If you look at my sold items, I've sold a variety of items and every price point in my shop.
*Goal: 450 Hearts
**Actual: 502 Hearts as of July 6th. I forgot to look on June 30th, but either way...I'm over my goal!!! ON TRACK
Other Shop Goals:
*Add more shows: I did 4 shows this Spring. Two of which I had never done before. They are both shows I'd like to do again this fall! I have already signed up for 3 shows this fall and hope to add more!
*Add new products: I have more items in my shop this year than I ever have. And I have a bigger variety which I think helps keep people interested without overwhelming them.
*Add another consignment shop: I started selling another local winery and have been having good luck there. I'd still like to add at least one more.
How are your goals going this year? I'd love to hear about it in my comments :)


  1. GREAT post! I have goals, but your post inspires me to have more SPECIFIC goals! Thanks!

  2. You are doing so well, congratulations:) Goals? This year my focus is on spreading the word about my non-profit:)

  3. Your goal post last year is what motivated me to write my goals down and track them.

    I am on target for my sales and blog post goals; and I am working on adding more inventory to my online shop which was another goal.
    And I would like to have product in one shop by the end of the year!

  4. I am "so" happy for you kind, creative lady! x0

  5. Wow! Good for you!! You're doing amazing.

  6. You are doing a great job checking those goals off Edi! I'll have to go back and review mine but I'm pretty sure I'm not doing near as well as you are.

  7. Sounds like you're doing fabulous! My goals are ever changing, as soon as I reach them, I'm headed off in a new direction with new goals in mind! :)

  8. Edi, that's awesome that you're on track with all of your goals! Congrats!


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