Thursday, May 31, 2012

BBA May Challenge - Inspiration

 This month's Blogging Business Artisans Challenge is brought to us by Sharla of Beaded Tail. Sharla says: Your challenge is to incorporate your favorite inspiration into a project of your choice.

I would have to say that one of my biggest inspirations are my customers! If you've read much of my blog at all, you know that a lot of my custom orders get put in my shop as new listings. I love custom work because it opens up so many windows and gives me so many new ideas! And one custom order may lead to two or three new ideas for my shop!

My Wood Wedding Invitations are no exception! As of right now, I only have two designs listed in my shop (with many more ideas still to come!) But each order I've received for the invitations has been for a different and unique design.
My very first order was of this tree design. The couple sent me the design they'd used for other items for their wedding and I incorporated it into their invitations. I love how it turned out.
The second set was of my Carved Tree Design. This design has done really well and I love it on the invitations. Only a few minor adjustments were made to this original design.
 This third set is very similar to the original tree design, but the couple emailed their own drawing of the tree with a few adjustments. I think the little leaves finish it cute :)

 For this next set, the couple described their ideal invitation and I emailed a few digital samples and we came up with this heart bunting design. This one will definitely be making an appearance in my shop! I added their names to the bunting to make them even more personal!
My most current set is for a couple getting married on a mountain top in Colorado! They loved the wood invitations for the rustic feel and wanted a design that would match their wedding theme. This mountain graphic was just perfect!

I love how each of these invitations is so unique and personal to the bride and groom! My customers are so inspiring and their ideas spark even more ideas in me :) I can't wait to create more designs for these invitations!


  1. How cool! I wasn't sure how customizable the pictures would be with your equipment, but it looks like you can do a lot!

  2. What fun to be able to do such custom work. These are so fun - love the carved tree one. That would make a great anniversary gift!

  3. These are so great, Edi!
    Hey, that's a great idea from Janet--an anniversary gift!
    I agree that customers can be so inspiring! I've been given some wonderful ideas over the years.

  4. Awesome job with this challenge! Customers can definitely be an amazing inspiration. I love how many new products you've added to your shop because of customer requests. All of these invitations are great. I agree that the little leaves on the tree finish it off nicely.

  5. Customers can always imagine more things than we can so it's wonderful you can incorporate so many ideas into your shop too. I really like that first tree one!

  6. It's amazing how you capture the details on wood! The heart banner invitation is really sweet :)


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