Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Organizing Local Orders

One thing I love about Etsy is how easy it is to manage open orders. I can scroll through all the open orders and see what still needs done. I can add private notes to orders to remind me of deadlines or special requests. And once they're shipped, they're moved to the closed orders page keeping my open orders up-to-date and organized.

So nice and clean...not for long!
Local orders are a whole other story for me! I'm terrible at keeping them organized! If they're not in my open orders que, I tend forget about them! Not Good!!! I've tried a few different methods, but nothing has worked real well so far. Last fall I tried keeping all local orders in a large zip lock baggie (which is how I organize a lot of my things LOL!) This definitely wasn't ideal.

Yup, that's an envelope...I write on whatever is closest when I answer the phone :)
Over the weekend I finally put to use a cork board I bought a few months ago. I knew I wanted to engrave on it and planned on adding a pretty design, but in the end I went with the straight-forward approach. I engraved "Orders" on it :)

Please excuse my MESSY desk!
So far this is working out well and I have it in a place where I can see it while I sit at my computer. That way I'm always reminded of what's still on the To-Do list! I can hang orders so the closest deadline is on top. And once they are completed, then they can be transferred to my file cabinet so I still have all my contact info and order info.

Maybe I'll have to make some pretty tacks to dress it up a bit. But for now, it's doing it's job...and that's more important than being pretty :)


  1. I do appreciate how orders are organized on Etsy. I have not had that many local orders, but I keep a numbered file with all the details near my desk.
    Good luck with your to-do list!

  2. Looks like a practical solution to a problem that's good to have - lots of orders!

  3. Great solution. I'm using a butterfly magnet on my filing cabinet for my TO DO custom orders.

    And I am so relieved to know that even Wonder Woman has a messy desk.

  4. Easy and practical solutions are always the best. I use a desktop calendar to keep track of my local wholesale meetings and craft show dates. I've learned that it's best to keep that info right in front of my face, haha.

  5. I'm like you- I need to visually SEE my things to do. If they're hidden away in some file on the comp. I wouldn't look. LOL.

  6. Great solution. I love using plastic zip locks to organize and protect finished items, but it sure wouldn't work for things that need ACTION. :)

  7. I have bulletin boards up with the intention of keeping to-do lists - but i've just been covering them with pretty things ;)
    Somehow, I found it so soothing to see that you too have a messy desk - I don't feel so bad about not always being 100% organized now.

  8. I love the cork board idea, I've got one of my own...definitely like the idea of spiffing it up with something pretty! :)

  9. Pretty soon that board is going to need to be bigger to hold all your orders! Why does it make me feel better to see your messy desk? I feel somewhat normal now!

  10. nice idea to track those orders. That is one thing I like about etsy--the tabs in the sold orders section.

  11. I hope that this works well for you! I tend to lose track of things that I don't have written down right in front of me, too.

  12. good way to organize your orders! Each person has to figure out what works best for them.
    I keep mine (non-online) in a file folder.

  13. The cork board is a great idea. That is how I keep track of all my orders as well. I think some fun custom tacks would be a great idea.
    Everyday Inspired

  14. Edi-- I was just thinking about this today! I am getting BRM wholesale orders, etsy orders, and have been encouraged to branch out to another wholesale line here locally (the cup cozies.) I was worrying about keeping everything straight! We HAVE to have a system! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Sometimes the simple solution IS the best solution! LOL - could be a picture of my desk....


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