Thursday, January 21, 2016

The January Blahs

They have official hit...The January Blahs! Each year after the holiday rush comes to an end, the blahs set in. During the holidays, I'm in full work-mode where every hour is spent working. I'm a machine and I get SO much done in a day, it's great. But then the rush ends, which is also great! But then I'm left with all this time. Time I should be using to get things done that didn't get done while I was working those crazy hours. But all I want to do is sleep in, sit around, and check Facebook like 10 times per! While this is okay to an extent, I hate not being productive! I hate that blah feeling!

Then I'm reminded of Kristen's post about her word for the year...Start. I really think she's on to something. Because if I just start doing something, anything really, I get on a roll and things start getting done. So I created a list this week of things I want to get accomplished. Things that have been put off and need to get completed. Having the list means I always have something productive I can be doing. And it gives me several options. So if I don't feel like editing pictures, I can get off my butt and finally put away my show inventory and see what needs restocked before spring shows begin.

While a break would be nice, I'd much rather spend it on a beach somewhere. Since I don't see that happening any time soon, I might as well be productive and get rid of this blah feeling!
Do you get the January Blahs?


  1. I feel the same in January, even though it's a busy month for me. "Start" is a great word :)

  2. I think "start" is a very fine word, too. I have all kinds of little tricks to encourage myself to get started because, when I do, I'm a whirlwind. It's that old physics principle--a body at rest stays at rest. A body in motion stays in motion . . .

  3. yes absolutely! I get the blahs through Jan and Feb ... not because I'm not working like crazy, but the weather and getting up before the sun comes up and getting home after the sun goes down. I feel like I live in the dark! LOL

    1. I hate these dark days! It's dark in the morning, it's dark early at night. And it's gray in between...ugh!

  4. Oh I know this feeling! Self employment is really challenging at this time of year. It would be wonderful to sit around in pjs all day watching tv. I'm all about lists! They keep me focused and productive.

  5. Aww, thanks for the shout-out! I need "start" so much this year. I get those blahs throughout the year and then I kick myself for wasting productive time. The problem is that the cold slows me down. So yesterday I decided to sit at the table in the sun with my tea, and redesign my business cards and update my web logos. I got something done (a BIG undertaking) and I still got to be a warm sloth. :D

  6. My blahs happen in April after tax season. It usually takes me about two weeks before I'm back on track. It's awful! I'll try lists this year and see if it helps.

  7. I'm with Sharla -- out of the holiday rush and straight into tax season! I'm a list writer, too. I'd be lost without my lists.

  8. Writing your goals down is the key to achieving them!

  9. Yes! I always get the January blahs! I think I am just now coming out of them now, and it's the 27th of the month!! Love your list idea and "Just START!"


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