Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Featured Etsy Blogger-TulipsTreasureBox

TulipsTreasureBox is our August Featured Etsy Blogger!!! Congrats Tulips :) Tulips is a great part of our team! She is involved all the time in the forums and stays active with our team on a regular basis :) Anywhere you see Etsy Bloggers, you will see TulipsTreasureBox! Here are my favorite items from her shop: I am usually a teal and pink kind of girl, but who can resist this glorious green!!! It drew me in the minute I saw it! Check it out here: And these totes are TOTE-ally cool! (sorry for the pun!) It's so great that everyone is all about going green these days :) These totes are such a great way to take a small step to make a big difference in our world! So cute...and at such a great price! Check them out here: Check out all her great items here: and her blog here:

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