Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Weekend in Colorado

I hope my US readers had a great Memorial Day weekend. I hope you were able to take time to remember those who served for our country to protect this beautiful land and I hope you were able to get out and enjoy it as well.
As I mentioned on Friday, we headed to Colorado for the weekend. Jesse's cousin graduated and the whole family went to help her celebrate.

On Sunday we got out and enjoyed some sites. We started at Heritage Square where Jesse's niece and nephews had a great time on the rides/games.

Next we headed to the Coors Brewery for a tour and tasting. It was fun to see the brewing process and I'll say that they're generous with their samples :)

The weather in Colorado was a little crazy! On Saturday I got a touch of a sunburn and on Sunday it hailed! But we had a wonderful time regardless. We already have several things we'd like to go back and see. Colorado is such a beautiful state!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Features - Colorado Bound

This weekend we will be heading to Colorado to watch Jesse's cousin graduate! We'll be there for her big day and we plan on taking in some sights as well. Jesse's dad, two brothers and families will also be joining us! We haven't decided yet what we'll do, but a National Park or brewery might be on the schedule :)

Clockwise from top left:

Have any big plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Wine Bottle Stopper Designs

It's been quite a while since I've added any new bottle stopper designs to my shop. I've happily accepted a few custom orders with fun designs lately that I couldn't wait to get in my shop. (gotta love those custom orders!)

This Custom State Stopper is a fun idea for a wedding, house warming or to announce that you're moving. I can engrave any state or country.

This Damask Design is a nice, formal option. I like the bold/modern font that the customer chose for this design as well.

I've had this Wine Glass Stopper as an option for my bulk stopper listing, but hadn't had the opportunity to engrave one yet. I loved this idea for a bachelorette party. These would make fun gifts for all the girls attending or as a gift for the bride.

The options are endless with these little stoppers!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Button Album Closure

I've really enjoyed coming up with new designs for my buttons. I hadn't, however, thought of any new uses for my buttons. I recently got a request to put some type of closure on a photo album and knew my wooden buttons were the perfect item for the job!

As with any new creation, this took a little bit of thought. I had to figure out how to attach the button to the album. And then I had to figure out how to actually close the book using the button. I found some narrow ribbon did the job well.

The buyer was very happy with the final product, which made me happy as well :)
 Have you come up with any new uses for your current products lately?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Features - Graduation Gifts

I can't believe it's really been 13 years since I graduated high school! Each year as the new graduates put on their caps and gowns, I think back to my graduation. I was SO ready to get out into the "real world"! This year we have several graduations to attend and I'm always at a loss for gifts. Leave it to Etsy for some of the greatest gifts...enjoy :)

Clockwise from top left:

How about you...were you dying to get out of school and onto the real world? Or would you love to go back and relive your high school days?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Personalized Cuff Bracelet by just B you

I like shopping on Etsy as much as I love selling on Etsy! And what I love most about buying, is what I love most about selling...the personalized, customized experience the buyer gets! I've had my eye on this Personalized Handstamped Bracelet from just B you for quite some time. I knew I wanted to order one, I just had to figure out exactly what I wanted on it.

Over the last year, my favorite quote has become "This too shall pass" and I figured it was the perfect quote to get on the bracelet. I've decided if I ever get another tattoo, this will be it. But for now (and to save my mother the heart attack) I figured the bracelet was :)

The bracelet came in a cute little box wrapped up like a gift. Along with it was a handmade card and handwritten note. Again, what I love most about Etsy...the personal experience!

Something I love about Kim's shop is that she includes her children in the creative process. Her daughter actually stamped my bracelet and did an excellent job! All the letters line up perfectly and everything is spaced just right.

Lol...Awkward wrist shot!
 Thanks so much Kim for the awesome buying experience and wonderful bracelet!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Thirsty Anyone?

20 Cases of Beer Mugs! Back in stock and ready for etching :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wooden Graduation Card - May BBA Challenge

Chalk one up for my awesome customers again! I have several wooden cards in my shop, but nothing for graduation. And this custom request fit perfectly with the May BBA Challenge brought to us by Paige of Little Nostalgia. Paige says "This is the time of year for graduations and starting a new professional track. Create something related to working and/or graduating--whether it's a congratulations card, a new organizational item for your studio, or maybe just reflect on all the ways you want to kick your business into high gear for the second half of 2014. Resolutions don't just have to start in January!"

What I love most about this card is the quote. It may be a card, but it doubles as dorm decor too! A little reminder on those tough days at college.

I realize I'm a little late to the game getting these added to my Etsy shop, but considering graduations happen a few times a year, I thought it was a good addition to the shop :)
  We've already attended 2 graduation parties and have 3 more to go! Thanks to my awesome customers, I know exactly what I'm giving to the new graduates :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Features - Mother's Day

This will be one of the first years in many that I'll get to spend Mother's Day with my mom and I'm so excited! We're actually celebrating early today with a day in the city. We'll do a little shopping, eat a fabulous lunch (usually at Red Lobster), watch a movie and get our nails done. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Today's features are all about our day...enjoy!
 Clockwise from top left:

How will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Very Special Mother's Day Gift

One of the best things about my laser is the fact that I get to help people preserve their memories. When I originally started my business, I based my business name on scrapbooking. And when I got my laser, I wasn't sure my current name was going to work. But time and time again, I see that Memories for Life is such a fitting name :)

I was recently asked to engrave a very special piece. The little girl who drew this picture passed away in a plane crash. Her aunt wanted to give her sister (the little girl's mom) something very special for Mother's Day this year. I was so honored she asked me to create such a memorable piece for her.

I took the photo and ran it through a couple software programs. I was able to keep most of the original image intact and cleaned it up in another software program.

The end result will be a special keepsake for this mom...a memory for life!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Features - Gray & Yellow Wedding

Happy Friday! Tomorrow I'll be attending my cousin's wedding. (the first of 4 weddings we have this year!) I've loved receiving all their correspondences as they're in one of my favorite color combos...Gray & Yellow. Enjoy these beautiful finds from Etsy in the same colors!

Clockwise from top left:

Which is your favorite?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Recent Name Albums

I had another fun order for Name Albums recently. This is a repeat buyer who had very specific requests for these albums. Her first album was for a soon-to-be graduate.
She sent along special papers that I was able to use on the outside of the book as well as embellishments inside the book.

Her next book was a lot of fun to make. Each page was for a specific person, so each page was a different color to correlate with their interests.

One for a couple who likes to travel...

One for a new baby...

And one for a tennis loving couple...

I love the colors in both these albums and how they turned out! I never get tired of seeing all the fun new requests for these albums!
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