Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Just playing around with some new digital goodies I downloaded today :)

This is my favorite all time quote/saying :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sittin' on a sandbar...drinkin' a cold beer...listenin' to CCR...

What a great Saturday night :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Team Treasury-Itsy Bitsy Spider

NW Wonders made us a great team treasury this week featuring Bugs and Spiders! Halloween is just around the corner and now is the time to start looking for decorations and costumes!

How do you celebrate Halloween?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Features-Duct Tape

Duct tape can be used for a lot of things. It's a handy supply to have around, right? But who would have thought to make crafts with it!!! I was browsing the internet the other day and came across an awesome giveaway for a duct tape flower ring! I immediately fell in love! So I went searching on Etsy to find other great duct tape flowers. I had seen purses and wallets before. And Theresa's son makes some pretty cool duct tape clothes! But these rings just stole my heart :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scrapbooking + Jewelry = Cute

What could be cuter than using scrapbook supplies to make jewelry? I was so excited when I saw that Prima had come out with these super cute necklaces! Prima is a scrapbook supply company, but saw how popular the jewelry market is and jumped in! Making Memories also offers some cute jewelry options as well. Theirs even come in kits so you can create your own! After making my paper flower bobbi pins last summer, I've thought about using my scrapbook supplies to make some other accessories as well. I even came up with a cute name and slogan if I decide to sell them. (But you'll have to wait...I don't want anyone stealing my idea!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girls' Getaway

I just finished a custom order for 7 Destination Word Albums. The lucky recipients are all going on a girls' getaway and one of the friends got them each an album :) I thought that was so thoughtful and such a fun idea! I hope all the girls love their albums!!!
I made them in three different color combos so they could choose which one they liked best:
I'm sure they'll have lots of great memories to fill these albums with :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rosalee's Blanket

Every time my parents come to visit, they seem to bring more things back for me. They have been storing all of my old toys/baby clothes/collectibles/etc. since I graduated and they give it back to me little by little. And now that they're getting closer to retirement...they bring even more back...LOL! During this last visit, I got a very special item back...my baby blanket! I was so happy they had kept it and so happy to have it back :) A good friend of my grandparents made this for me when I was born. Her name was Rosalee...and the blanket has been forever called my Rosalee's Blanket :) I went in search of a photo of Rosalee's Blanket and got lost for hours looking at old photos! It is one of my favorite things to do! I found this old Polaroid of my brother and I lying on the kitchen floor with Rosalee's Blanket :) How cute! And here she is now...a little tattered, but not in too bad of shape. She still holds a special place in my heart and I'm glad to have her in my possession again!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Harley's First Ride

We've been wanting to take Harley for a ride on the airboat all summer. Yesterday was the day it finally happened :) He had SO much fun! He rode really well and loved playing in the water and on the sandbars!

I was a little nervous at first, but he sat on my lap the whole time and watched everything go by. I wasn't brave enough to let him off his leash, but he was still able to explore :)

He was muddy, sandy and wet by the time we were done, but mostly...He was just Happy :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekly Team Treasury-Back to School

It seems everyone has Back to School on the brain right now :) Joy of TheArtOfJoy curated a very cool Back to School team treasury this week!
My favorite part...All The Color :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Features-Back to School

School is officially underway here in my home town. I think it gets earlier and earlier every year! I'm just glad my school days are over for a while! (That is until I get ambitious enough to finish my MBA!) I still enjoy shopping for school supplies though! I can't pass up a crisp clean notebook or cool pen! I remember all the kids having personalized pencils with their names on them. I was never lucky enough to find one that said Edi...why oh why did I have to have such a strange name...LOL :) That's the great thing about Etsy...You can get any name you want! Today's finds all have a school theme...and are personalized!!!

RainbOWLS Bookplates set of 12

by lovelia

Back to School Personalized Custom Made Nap Mats
Just mention this blog post and get free personalization on this cute notebook :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog Carnival-School Memories

Sandy of PunkyJane is our lovely host this week for the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival. She has given us these two topics to write about: 1) School time! What is your favorite memory from kindergarten or taking your kids to kindergarten? 2) Labor Day...As the 'official' end of Summer, how do you celebrate Labor Day and what does it mean to you? I lived right down the alley from my elementary school and remember walking to Kindergarten everyday. Some days my brother was nice enough to walk me, but most days my mom would take me. My favorite memory was getting to go home for lunch everyday! I always felt special! Every morning we put a colored paper clip by our name to show whether we had brought our lunch, would eat school lunch, or would go home for lunch. Almost everyday, I was the only one with a green paper clip next to my name :) Mom would come and get me and we'd walk home for lunch and she'd walk me back :) I loved living so close to the school and having a stay-at-home mom!!!
by monkeyseeboutique What was your favorite memory?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Featured EtsyBlogger-Patch

Patch is a wonderful teammate! She is always chatting in the forums, offering advice and even sending me goodies :) Patch has been extremely helpful since joining the EtsyBloggers in April 2009. And I love to see all the new things she makes! Patch is also very ambitious...with 3 shops!!! She has a vintage shop, supply shop and her jewelry shop! Here are a few of my faves from each shop:
SALE Vintage Pink Polka Dot Summer Shirt And speaking of ambitious, she also has 3 blogs!!! Visit them here: http://patchfirstshop.wordpress.com/ http://patchfirstshop.blogspot.com/ http://weddingguidebypatch.blogspot.com/ Congrats to Patch on being our Featured EtsyBlogger for August :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Oh Baby!

Two of my most recent Custom Name Albums have been for baby shower gifts. I love how each one is unique and special! And no one else at the shower will be giving the same thing...that you can be sure of!
I hadn't used this color combo before and I love how it turned out. The buyer wanted muted yellow, green and creme with a hint of hot pink. I like how the "I" stands out and brings it all together at the same time :)
Light blue, navy and white is a color combo I use a lot for baby boy albums. I like how the navy gives it the right amount of kick along with the traditional baby blue and white :)
What are your favorite baby color combos?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Great Weekend

Things started off a little crazy this weekend, but that didn't stop me from having a great weekend :)
Things started off GREAT with me not having to work Saturday! I even got to go in early to work so I could get off early :) I got a good nap in and started my weekend Friday morning!!! (The benefits of working night shift!)
I had lunch with a good friend that I hadn't seen in way too long. The fact that we sat in the restaurant for over 3 hours tells you how much we had to talk about! It was great catching up with her and I hope we don't wait so long to do it again next time :)
When I got home from lunch (at 4:30pm!), Jesse and I got the airboat out. We met his brother, sister-in-law and their kids and rode around and watched the kids play on the sandbars :)
Saturday was a pretty quiet day...and a much needed one! I got to take a nice, relaxing bath to start off my day! Then scrapbooked pretty much ALL DAY :) Jesse and I got the boat out again late in the afternoon and met up with a group of friends. It was fun chatting and relaxing the night away :)
Today is another day to relax :) Of course we're not just lazing around...we don't quite know how to do that...LOL! But relaxing to me is doing some light cleaning, scrapbooking and watching a movie before having to go to bed early to start the work week again Sunday night. (The downfall of night shift!)
And don't forget our EtsyBloggers Anniversary SALE!!! You still have time to get your shopping done! This Flip Flop Album would be great for your summer photos! And at 20% off...how could you go wrong!
See all the other sales HERE!

Team Treasuries-And LOTS of Them!

With our 3rd EtsyBloggers Anniversary SALE going on this weekend, lots of team treasuries are popping up!!!
Karen of MysticWynd is our weekly team treasury curator this week showing us great variety from our diverse team:
I also curated a team treasury this week as well. I couldn't resist all the bright, fun colors of our team's items :)
And here are 3 more treasuries from Patch of PatchSupplyShop:
Don't forget to stop by and do some browsing and shopping: http://etsybloggers.etsy.com/

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday Features-EtsyBloggers Anniversary SALE

The EtsyBloggers Team is officially 3 years old today!!! I have been a member of this wonderful team for over 2 years now and I just love all the great people I have met through this team! They are a very talented, supportive and positive group of gals :) In honor of our anniversary, we are having a SALE!!! You can see all the details HERE. The sale will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday with lots of great deals to be had! I have chosen a few of my favorites to feature here...and of course they're pink :) Peppermint - Pink Polymer Clay and Swarovski Crystal Beaded Antiqued Brass Kidney Shaped Earrings by Beaded Tail offering 15% off everything (excluding shipping)! Discount refunded through PayPal Chunky hot pink mother of pearl beaded bracelet by SunshineDaydreams offering Buy one item, get the second (equal or lesser priced) item 50% off! Discount will be refunded via PayPal. Please use the code "ANNIVERSARY" in a message at check-out! Flower Power Reversible Jumper Dress OOAK by NicoDesigns offering 15% off children's skirts, shorts, dresses, pants, onsies and monogrammed burp cloths (excluding shipping) Discount be will refunded via PayPal Handmade Ruby Teardrop Crystal Earrings by PatchFirstShop offering 20% off all items with FREE Shipping cost - Discount will be refunded via Paypal. And I will be offering 20% off all premade albums (this excludes custom albums) Discount amount will be refunded via Paypal Happy Shopping...I'm off to do a little myself :)

Giveaway Winner

I want to thank everyone who entered the Flip Flop Necklace Giveaway from Elegant Arts! And thanks again to Laure for offering such an awesome giveaway!!! Using random.org, #48 is our winner! Congrats to Square Kitties!!!

I will be emailing you for your mailing address so Laure can send your super cool necklace!!!

Thanks again!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Harley Says Hi

P.S. - Last day to enter the beautiful necklace GIVEAWAY!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Matters Most

As I've mentioned in a couple of other posts, my grandparents are getting ready to move from their farm house into an apartment in town. The apartment will be significantly smaller and my grandparents have acquired quite a bit of stuff over the years. My grandma decided to have a garage sale, but she let us grandkids go through things first before she sold anything. My mom had mentioned a few things that she wanted to keep, so the other day I went to pick up her things so I can store them until they visit again. There was an old trunk sitting out and I asked what was in it. I'm no pirate, but this really was a treasure chest!!! In it were old cards, photos, letters, and other memorabilia my grandma had kept over the years! There were baby cards from when my mom was born! My grandma's wedding corsage was in there! And even my grandpa's old football uniform! What treasures indeed!!! Grandma wanted to keep some of the items, but here are the ones she let me have that day: (Grandpa's graduation photo, his high school diploma, his elementary diploma, his varsity letter and one of his military photos)
There were other items I could have taken that would have been nice, or might have been worth some money, but those things didn't matter to me. I took what mattered most...the memories!!!
P.S. - Don't forget to enter my necklace GIVEAWAY!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Reorganizing...Yet Again

Organization must be a never-ending project! I think I reorganize my supplies and room at least 2-3 times a year! Back in January (yes, January!) I bought a new computer desk and shelf for my scrapbook room. I loved my old desk, but it was just too big and I needed more room for supplies instead. I bought the new desk and shelf thinking I would get it put up during a slow time...HA!
About a month ago, I finally decided that a slow time wasn't coming and I just needed to get it put up! The piles were starting to get bigger and I was forgetting where things were! Something had to be done!
Here's the new look:
I miss my old desk, but I love the new shelf! And with my new desk being smaller, clutter doesn't pile up as easily. There's nowhere for it to pile up, so it gets put away quicker :) And the new shelf holds my most used supplies, so I can just grab a tote and get to work!
How about you...do you ever feel like you're done organizing? Or is it a never-ending task for you too?
P.S. - Two days left to enter my necklace GIVEAWAY!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best Wishes

One of my recent Alchemy bids was for a unique and special guest book. The buyer really liked my Mr. & Mrs. Custom Wedding Name Guestbooks, but had a really long name. We worked together to come up with a great idea of using stickers on the outside of the album to add the Mr. & Mrs.
Another special part of this book is the sign-in area. Not only do guests leave their name, but they have plenty of room to write a special message to the new couple! I thought this was a great idea and will make the book even more special :)
It makes me smile every time I get to make an album for someone knowing it will hold a special place in their lives for a long time to come :)
P.S. - Don't forget to enter my beautiful necklace GIVEAWAY!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Team Treasury-Favorite Blue

This week's EtsyBloggers Team Treasury is brought to us by Patch of PatchFirstShop. Patch is the one behind the brilliant idea of having a weekly team treasury. Thanks for the great idea Patch, and thanks for this week's treasury
And thanks for including my Flip Flop Scrapbook!!!
P.S. - Don't forget to enter my awesome necklace GIVEAWAY!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Features-Turtle Goodies

I was searching around Etsy last night (as I often do!) and decided to venture into the Edibles Category. If I wasn't hungry before I started my search, I sure was by the time I was done! Who knew there were so many edible goodies on Etsy!!!
Turtle candies are one of my favorite treats, so I chose them as today's theme. Chocolate, caramel and nuts...what more could you ask for in a treat!
Hungry yet :)
P.S. - Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!
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