Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Oh Baby!

Two of my most recent Custom Name Albums have been for baby shower gifts. I love how each one is unique and special! And no one else at the shower will be giving the same thing...that you can be sure of!
I hadn't used this color combo before and I love how it turned out. The buyer wanted muted yellow, green and creme with a hint of hot pink. I like how the "I" stands out and brings it all together at the same time :)
Light blue, navy and white is a color combo I use a lot for baby boy albums. I like how the navy gives it the right amount of kick along with the traditional baby blue and white :)
What are your favorite baby color combos?


  1. These are really cute. What I enjoy about these kind of posts is when you show an interesting combination that just comes together.

  2. Those are very cute! You always have the right paper and colors for everything!

  3. those look the hot pink splash :)

    I tend to gravitate towards muted greens with yellows & reds..and cocoa accents :) maybe I just keep wanting some chocolate :P


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