Monday, August 9, 2010

Reorganizing...Yet Again

Organization must be a never-ending project! I think I reorganize my supplies and room at least 2-3 times a year! Back in January (yes, January!) I bought a new computer desk and shelf for my scrapbook room. I loved my old desk, but it was just too big and I needed more room for supplies instead. I bought the new desk and shelf thinking I would get it put up during a slow time...HA!
About a month ago, I finally decided that a slow time wasn't coming and I just needed to get it put up! The piles were starting to get bigger and I was forgetting where things were! Something had to be done!
Here's the new look:
I miss my old desk, but I love the new shelf! And with my new desk being smaller, clutter doesn't pile up as easily. There's nowhere for it to pile up, so it gets put away quicker :) And the new shelf holds my most used supplies, so I can just grab a tote and get to work!
How about you ever feel like you're done organizing? Or is it a never-ending task for you too?
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  1. Great organizing, Edi!! I think the small computer desk will make the room bigger and the bigger shelf make your room less mess. :D

    I understand on forgetting where things were coz I do too.. just last night searched all over the room to find the uncut business cards which already ran out and I don't know about that coz I think I put them somewhere.. not sure they are really run out or I forget where I put them.. LOL

  2. I have to say that your old 'version' really inspired my desire to reorganize. I get so tired of my piles at times but I NEED:) my large desk because of fabric cutting. But how easily things end up onto of it.

    I would imagine that since you are so busy it could be easy to get a bit wild at times but you seem so organized that I am sure it is all fine!

  3. It all looks very organized now and much easier to find things on those shelves! Do you have a big table or something that you work on? When I get paper out, I take up a lot of space but you're probably more organized with paper than I am.

  4. It looks great! I think that organization is a never ending task, too. Part of my problem with working on jewelry is that I prefer to work in the living room which not where my stuff is stored. So I'm constantly bringing things back and forth.

  5. I am constantly in need of reorganizing! It seems every time I make huge strides, I end up messing it all up again quickly. Oh well, it is the fun of using it all, right? I hope you are able to keep it all in it's place!


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