Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog Carnival-School Memories

Sandy of PunkyJane is our lovely host this week for the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival. She has given us these two topics to write about: 1) School time! What is your favorite memory from kindergarten or taking your kids to kindergarten? 2) Labor Day...As the 'official' end of Summer, how do you celebrate Labor Day and what does it mean to you? I lived right down the alley from my elementary school and remember walking to Kindergarten everyday. Some days my brother was nice enough to walk me, but most days my mom would take me. My favorite memory was getting to go home for lunch everyday! I always felt special! Every morning we put a colored paper clip by our name to show whether we had brought our lunch, would eat school lunch, or would go home for lunch. Almost everyday, I was the only one with a green paper clip next to my name :) Mom would come and get me and we'd walk home for lunch and she'd walk me back :) I loved living so close to the school and having a stay-at-home mom!!!
by monkeyseeboutique What was your favorite memory?


  1. That would have been so wonderful to be able to go home for lunch every day! I didn't live close enough to my school and my parents both worked in other towns so I had to eat in the cafeteria. Not such good memories there!

  2. What a great memory! The older kids were allowed to walk home for lunch for a while. By the time I reached that age that had stopped doing that but I liked our cafeteria and the workers so it was okay:)

  3. What a great memory! Thanks for sharing it. I'm smiling, just picturing you and your Mom.

  4. I lived close to my elementary school growing up and always walked home for lunch, too. I know that most schools don't allow that anymore, and it's too bad. It's one of my favorite memories, too. :)

  5. ...aawww...that's a sweet memory. I walked to kindergarten (and all the grades through high school) as well. I remember walking to school holding a note to give my friend that read, "Ellen, Your mother says you may come to play at my house after school today."


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