Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In exactly one month I leave for vacation!!! I might be starting my countdown a little early, but I love having something fun to look forward too :)

Collage by scatterbox

Jesse and I are going to Southern Missouri to see my parents property where they will retire someday. Right now it's just a piece of land, but I'm excited to see the area and be on the lake! I can't wait for them to be down there full time! They'll be a few hours closer, no Chicago traffic, and they won't have the Michigan winters anymore!

How about you...any vacations coming up? It's never too early to start your countdown :)
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  1. That collage is cool! sounds like it will be a most fun trip!

    Yes, I am counting down, too! one week and 1.5 days till I leave for Utah!

  2. That's great Edi! I love having something to look forward to, too. We took a little vacation in June. We have a couple small trips to visit family planned, but no major trips for a while now.

  3. September is a great time to go to Missouri since right now it's way, way too hot and humid! That'll be a fun trip and it'll be here before you know it!

    We don't have any big trips planned so will just have to make little trips to the coast or to the mountains!


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