Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Features - Mirrors

I'm still finishing up little touches here and there for my new studio. It feels like all the little things are taking as long as the actual construction! But this is the fun part where I get to pick out decorations and decor. Yesterday we went shopping for a bathroom mirror and light bar. I thought I was going to buy a white framed mirror and white wood light bar...simple and stick with the colors I already had. Well, they didn't have a white light bar where we shopped, so that threw out my idea for the white mirror. I ended up with a brushed nickel light bar and found a mirror to match. I decided to go with a more fun mirror than I would normally put in our bathroom in our home. It's a studio, right...I want it to be fun :) I hope to show it to you next week. For now, I've found 4 other fun mirrors you could put in your home or work space...enjoy!

Clockwise from top left:

Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recent Name Albums

I've been working on a fair amount of Name Albums since the holiday rush. I always love all the different themes and color combos that people ask for. Here are my 3 most recent and I have 4 more in the works!
Tiff's was my favorite to work on. Not only are the letters easy (bonus), but her book is in my favorite colors :) This was a birthday gift with a best friends theme.

And Simona's album is just as fun with a travel theme and bright adventurous colors.

Braelyn's album was also one of my favorites. As someone with an unusual name, I like making name albums for people who can't find other things with their name on it at a store. That makes these albums even more special :) I also liked Braelyn's album because it was in non-traditional colors for a little girl. Her nursery is decorated in greens and browns with an elephant fun!

Did you like buying things with your name on it as a child? 
I remember going to Silver Dollar City every year and never getting to buy a personalized pencil because they never had my name. Now I can create my own :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Friendship & Freebirds

One of the things I love most about blogging is the connections and friendships I've made. I've had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people from all over the world because of this cool is that! Today I'd like to send a special thank you to one of these friends. Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers recently sent me a very special gift that I'd like to share with you today :)
 As some of you know, I got my first tattoo back in May of a Freebird design in honor of my brother. Cynthia said that when she saw these jewelry components, she thought of me :) The earrings and necklace are both so gorgeous!

I love how the earrings are engraved on both sides with the bird design. And the color is so perfect for me!

The necklace is such a beautiful piece! I love the bead woven necklace and bird pendant. Such beautiful work!

Thank you so much Cynthia...these were such a nice surprise and such a sweet gift :)
If you'd like Cynthia to create a special piece for you as well, stop by her shop and see all the beautiful work she's done!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Features - Pink Clocks

As I start thinking about all the little details for my new studio, something I still need is a clock...a pink clock. Etsy has so many fun clocks and finding one in pink was no problem at all. The only problem is figuring out which one to buy!

Clockwise from top left:

Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Studio Update - Let There Be Light!

This last week went really well getting lots of work done on my new studio! While my parents were here, we got the counter top installed and the sink ready for the plumber. We took out the window and got ready for the door to be installed. Now we can actually get into the room without having to go outside! And we got lots of little things done like hanging shades and touch-up painting.

Sunday we finished up the wiring and have actual lights in the room now! It was so great to see it all lit up!

And yesterday the plumber came and finished up the "kitchen" sink and bathroom.

What do you think of my pink cupboards? Okay, they're not really pink, it's just a protective film. But I had a lot of fun letting people believe they were pink. I must admit, had I known how cool they would look with a white base and pink door...I might have ordered them that way :) Instead, I'll just have pink door pulls.
(And that window is history!)

My mom and I did lots of shopping for finishing touches. Her friend is making my curtains and I cannot wait to show them to you! They are pink and ruffled...the coolest! We also bought all the finishing touches for the bathroom and a towel rack for the "kitchen" area. And some fun rugs!

This week I'm hoping to get the door installed and the trim all finished up. As much as I want to just go ahead and move in, I want all the little details finished. I know if I don't go around and fill all those stupid nail holes in the trim now, it will never get done. I figure I've waited this long, another week or two will be okay (I hope!).

In my next update, I'll get to show you all the fun finishing touches!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bloggy Break

I'm so new studio is really coming together. Once the wiring is finished on Sunday, I'll be ready to move in and start using it!!! This week my parents are here and we're finishing up lots of little things like the counter top, curtain rods, towel rods, the bathroom stuff, etc.

So between working, finishing my studio and spending lots of time with my parents, I've decided to take a bloggy break this week. I'll be back next week with more pics of my studio!!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY Valentine's Party

I was recently asked by Mia of Mossy JoJo to participate in a Valentine's Day themed DIY party. As I'm sure you can tell from many projects on my blog, I'm all about DIY, so I was excited to participate!

Here's the rundown:
Theme: Valentine
Challenge: Use up to 4 materials
I decided to make a fun bunting to hang in my house to spread the love :)
Materials used:
1. 2 pieces of material in different colors (I chose red acrylic for the hearts and wood for the letters)
2. Adhesive (I used glue dots)
3. Twine or Ribbon for hanging
4. Cutting tool such as a kraft knife or scissors (I used my laser)

I want to point out that while I used my laser for this project, many other materials could be substituted for this project. Scrapbook paper and letter stickers would make a super cute and super easy banner. Or pink cardstock for the hearts and kraft cardstock for the letters! The options are limitless!

What I did:
 I cut out the hearts and the letters.
Then adhered the letters using the glue dots
I strung the hearts on the twine and tied a loop on each end.
('s that easy!)
I hung the bunting in our living room. I found this empty frame and thought it added as nice touch and helped the bunting stand out :)
Please stop by and see the other Valentine's DIYs from Mia and Marieken!
 photo final_zps4e625f71.jpg
Mia of MossyJojo

Marieken of Always Wear Your Invisible Crown
Also linking up with these gals:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recent Name Albums

I've recently had the opportunity to create several Name Albums. What I love most about these books is that they are great for any occasion. There are baby books, birthday books, celebration books, etc here.
This first book was fun to create. Not only did I create the book itself, but I designed some of the papers and embellishments to match a Harry Potter theme request.
And I always love when I get to design books in some of my favorite colors. Pink and lime green is just so great. This little girl was so happy with her book :)

And we can't forget the little boys either. This color combo remains to be a favorite for little boys.

This was my favorite book to make recently. I was sent the photos to add to the book. This allows me to design around the photos making sure there is room for all of them. I also allows me to decorate them a little more as I can crop the photos to fit to the page. I love getting to see the books all completed :)

And I have 3 more books in the works as we speak!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - My New Assistant

Quit bothering me and get back to work!

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Cutting Board Designs

Over Christmas I was asked to design several different custom designs for my cutting boards. These sold really well over the holidays and I've added several of them to my shop as custom options now.

My favorite by far is the Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board. These are so personal and add such an extra touch. I've wanted to make these for quite a while, but never really had a recipe to use. I was very excited when someone requested one of these and I've already made several since!

These can be a single initial or a 3 letter monogram

This was another custom request that I thought was a fun idea. They make perfect gifts! This one was for a friend who just had her kitchen remodeled.

I made a set of these for one buyer, each with different designs in the middle. I love that the design is bold and leaves customization open for any wording.

As always, if you'd like a custom design made, please contact me with your ideas :)
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