Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY Valentine's Party

I was recently asked by Mia of Mossy JoJo to participate in a Valentine's Day themed DIY party. As I'm sure you can tell from many projects on my blog, I'm all about DIY, so I was excited to participate!

Here's the rundown:
Theme: Valentine
Challenge: Use up to 4 materials
I decided to make a fun bunting to hang in my house to spread the love :)
Materials used:
1. 2 pieces of material in different colors (I chose red acrylic for the hearts and wood for the letters)
2. Adhesive (I used glue dots)
3. Twine or Ribbon for hanging
4. Cutting tool such as a kraft knife or scissors (I used my laser)

I want to point out that while I used my laser for this project, many other materials could be substituted for this project. Scrapbook paper and letter stickers would make a super cute and super easy banner. Or pink cardstock for the hearts and kraft cardstock for the letters! The options are limitless!

What I did:
 I cut out the hearts and the letters.
Then adhered the letters using the glue dots
I strung the hearts on the twine and tied a loop on each end.
('s that easy!)
I hung the bunting in our living room. I found this empty frame and thought it added as nice touch and helped the bunting stand out :)
Please stop by and see the other Valentine's DIYs from Mia and Marieken!
 photo final_zps4e625f71.jpg
Mia of MossyJojo

Marieken of Always Wear Your Invisible Crown
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  1. The love heart garland is fantastic!
    Off to check out the other entries :)

  2. I agree with Mia, the combining of the materials looks fabulous! Your machine offers so many posibilities :-)

  3. Like a few other people here, I like the combination of the wood and acrylic, too! Where did you get the hearts?

  4. great idea! and look wonderful in a frame

  5. I love it in the frame! You just got yourself a new line for your shop! That's fabulous!

  6. This is so cute! I agree with BeadedTail...a great new line idea for your shop! I'm seeing necklace ideas here too. :)

  7. What a simple, cute idea! It looks great. I also second the comments that it would be a great addition to your shop. You could customize this concept for any occasion.

  8. What a fun project! And I love it in the frame.

  9. Cute! I'm not sure how I missed this post when it was new. I love the contrast of the acrylic and wood.

  10. Cute! I'm not sure how I missed this post when it was new. I love the contrast of the acrylic and wood.

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