Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clipboard Winner

I recently won a great giveaway at Inspiration Earth ~ A Journey of Simplicity. Melinda posted the following riddle on her blog and asked readers to answer without looking up the answer.
It's been around for millions of years, but it's no more than a month old. What is it?
Luck for me, I had an economics teacher who handed out riddles every weekend for extra credit and this was one of the riddles! I was the only one who knew the answer!
Answer: The Moon!
I won this beautiful clipboard! I love the paper she used!
Thank you Melinda...I love it!
I have also fallen in love with this Journey Block Set in Melinda's BackyardDreams Shop! Check out all her wonderful eco-friendly products!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Features - Red and Turquoise

Yesterday I shared my Red and Turquoise Friends Album that I created for the BBA Challenge for the month of March.
Today I thought it would be fun to show you some of the other challenge pieces as well as items for sale in BBA team members shops!
Check out Nancy's entire BoGo Section!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red and Turquoise - BBA Challenge Piece

I purchased this paper set several years ago. I'm a bit of a paper collector rather than a paper user...LOL :) When I saw this month's challenge at the BBA Blog I knew it was time to dig out this paper and finally put it to good use!
Rose of RandomCreative is this month's challenge leader and one of her all time favorite color combinations is Red and Turquoise. After putting this album together, I can see why!
I am always looking for more color combinations for my Premade Albums, so I was happy to add this combination to my selections. And I've gotten it added in my shop as well!
Stop by the BBA Blog to see all the other entries.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Craft Show Prep v2.0

In last week's WW post, I showed a photo of some magnets, brooches and pendants drying in preparation for my first spring show. Well, after my uncle passed away last week, I did not get to attend the show, but lucky for me, I have another one scheduled for this coming weekend!
I got several requests to show the fronts of these here they are :)
Brooches (something new for this year!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Wooden Wedding Invitations

I am having so much fun adding new wedding items to my Etsy Shop! I still have so many ideas that I haven't even touched! My most recent addition is my Wooden Wedding Invitations.
I made the first ones to match some of my most popular guest books. This carved tree design is my most popular, so I listed it first in hopes that it will be as successful as the guest books have been.
I also made this peacock design and will get it listed this week as well.
Any of my guest book designs can be converted into an invitation design! And custom requests are always welcome :) If these do as well as my guest books have, I'll be adding several more wooden invitations to my shop!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Treasury Thanks

I will apologize in advance for not doing my regular Treasury Thanks post. As many of you read in my last post, my uncle passed away this week and I've been spending a lot of time with family this weekend. So my treasury post will be short and sweet today.
I'll be back next week with regular posts again :)
Thank you so much to all my curators this week! Treasuries always bring a smile to my face and this week they were extra appreciated :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remembering Uncle Dave

Well, yesterday I posted a photo of some recent items I'd been working on for my first craft show this weekend. Unfortunately those items will have to wait for another show..this weekend will be spent with family.
My uncle Dave passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday evening from what we assume was a heart attack. It has been hard losing a loved one and my heart aches for my aunt and my cousins! I am just glad that he did not suffer and is now at peace.
My uncle Dave was a great guy and helped me out with some of my crafty needs. In fact, you may remember me blogging about him a couple of times :) He is the one who built my paper shelving unit as well as the table for my laser.
See the posts HERE and HERE.
I will always remember my uncle Dave for his easy-going personality and many wonderful Christmases with him :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Craft Show Prep

Getting ready for my first Spring craft show this weekend!
Pendants, Magnets and Pins almost ready to take along!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can I?

No matter the question...the answer is YES :)
90% of my business is run on custom orders. I offer a wide range of custom or personalized items in my shop and each one can be customized in so many different ways. I've recently had quite a few requests for variations on some of my current designs.
Can I have a special font? YES YOU CAN :)
I had a recent customer request that I use a certain font that they had been using for all of their wedding items. They told me the font they wanted and I made it problem :)
Can I have a special graphic? YES YOU CAN :)
I made a super cute Engraved Leather Album with Horton from Horton Hears a Who. The little photo adds so much to the album :)
I also made a set of cuff link blanks with Kermit the Frog on them...another fun idea!
Can I get it in a landscape format instead of portrait? YES YOU CAN :)
I recently started making my guest books in a larger size. I made the larger ones in a vertical format so it would hold horizontal photos. But I had a request for a horizontal one in the larger format. A few quick format changes and it was problem :)
I absolutely love custom orders! Even though a lot of what I make is similar or has the same original format, custom requests keep things fun and fresh! Each piece is always an original :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Motivation for Monday

I came across this really cute print on Etsy this weekend and it really spoke to me!

Dreams 11x14 Art Print by ProjectType

I have a really big goal/dream for this year to quit my job and run my Etsy Shop full-time starting in 2013. This is definitely one scary dream! But that's what makes it so exciting :)
How about you? Any big goals/dreams on your plate right not?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Treasury Thanks

Each week I like to say thank you to those who have featured my work in their treasuries by posting them here as well as sharing an item from their shop. It is always such a thrill to see my work featured along side other great artists!
Thank You!
Madebyfate featured my New Recipe Book in her Books Treasury!
This Baby /Newborn/Infant Hat - Baby Newsboy Cap from her shop is just adorable!
This beautiful BUBBLEGUM AND SILVER set caught my eye right away in her shop!
Her Modern style leather earrings are right up my alley!
The whole shop is filled with great wedding items, including this Delphine, champagne and purple silk satin wedding ring bearer pillow with peacock feathers.
Their Whimsy bird mug "wood" be perfect for my coffee addiction!
Thank you again to all the curators this week!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Features - Woodland Baby

I am so in love with my newest listing that I shared yesterday, my Woodland Baby Photo Album, that I went in search of other super cute woodland baby items on Etsy! Boy did I have a hard time choosing just 4! I just can't get enough of the fox, owls, deer, trees, etc! Look at these adorable finds...
Woodland Baby Art Canvas, Forest Nursery Wall Hanging, Wall Art 11X14
(I had to show a close up of this one! Look at all the detail!)
What trend are you loving right now?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Ideas...They Just Keep Coming

I just can't keep my brain from working over time! I've had a pretty nasty cold this week, but my brain refused to stop working...a good problem to have I guess :)
I've come up with two more new ideas for my Etsy Shop that I just love! As I talked about on Monday, looking at our own shops can be the best place to find inspiration! Expand on existing lines and come up with new ideas :)
This Recipe Book uses the same concept as my guest books, but it has cute little kraft-colored recipe cards inside :) And of course, it can be personalized upon request!
I've also been working on a line of engraved baby photo albums as well. This Woodland Baby Album is next in the series! I love the woodland theme on the wood perfect!
I'm sure I'll be back soon with more ideas for you to see :) This brain of mine just keeps on tickin'!
Have you been expanding on any current lines in your shop or creating any new projects? Tell me about them in the comments :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This month at the Blogging Business Artisans Blog we have one awesome giveaway!!!
Not only can you win this cute little Bug Crayon Roll!
But the winner also gets their choice of a set of coasters as well!
And...they're reversible!
This month's giveaway is brought to us by Linda of PruittCreations. I love that Linda is offering something for the kiddos as well as the perfect!
So stop on by the BBA Blog for your chance to win!

Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm so exited to now offer a BIG Carved Tree Guest Book in my Etsy Shop!
And even better...I've already sold two of these larger style albums!
I got this idea from my Custom Name Albums. I used to only offer these in a 4"x12" size. I then got a request to make a custom album to fit 4x6 photos. Along came my 6.5"x12" albums. And later my 11.5"x12" albums as well. Offering a variety of sizes gives your customers options to fit their needs.
This also reminds us that we don't have to reinvent the wheel. If you're wanting to add new items to your shop and you're stuck on what to add next, look to your current products for inspiration. Do you have an item that sells well...expand on that idea by offering different sizes, colors or other options.
I'll be adding larger style guest books of my other designs down the road as well!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Treasury Thanks

This week's treasuries are right up my alley! Pink, Purple and Teal...Oh My!
And the wedding and spring treasuries are popping up as well!
Stella of theYarnKitchen featured my Family Word Scrapbook in her Let it be a purple day Treasury! Stella's Purple Swirl Felt Bowls would fit in nicely in this treasury!
Natasha from rumosaic07 featured my Custom Birthday Album in her Pink or blue? Treasury! Natasha's Pink and Turquoise Scarf would be perfect in this treasury!
I am also excited to be included in Nancy's Wedding in Early Spring Treasury! Nancy just got married this last week! And my wedding items are doing great on Etsy :) She featured my Carved Tree Guest Book! And her Heart Brooches are perfect for this love themed treasury :)
Kym of FabricFascination featured my LOVE Scrapbook in her Let's Toast the Weekend Treasury! The colors she used in this treasury tie in with our BBA Team cool! Kym could use her Bunny Red fabric for this challenge!

I also curated a team treasury this week as well called Flower Power! Spring flowers are popping up in my yard...and on Etsy :)

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