Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recent Name Albums

I've been working on a fair amount of Name Albums since the holiday rush. I always love all the different themes and color combos that people ask for. Here are my 3 most recent and I have 4 more in the works!
Tiff's was my favorite to work on. Not only are the letters easy (bonus), but her book is in my favorite colors :) This was a birthday gift with a best friends theme.

And Simona's album is just as fun with a travel theme and bright adventurous colors.

Braelyn's album was also one of my favorites. As someone with an unusual name, I like making name albums for people who can't find other things with their name on it at a store. That makes these albums even more special :) I also liked Braelyn's album because it was in non-traditional colors for a little girl. Her nursery is decorated in greens and browns with an elephant theme..how fun!

Did you like buying things with your name on it as a child? 
I remember going to Silver Dollar City every year and never getting to buy a personalized pencil because they never had my name. Now I can create my own :)


  1. These are gorgeous! I love all the fun details :)
    I could never get a keychain with my name on it, as it isn't common!

  2. The only thing that I had with my name on it was a marionette puppet my mom had specially made while she was in San Francisco. My name is very unusual and not common so I never see anything with my name on it.

  3. Wonderful albums!! I could never find anything with my name, either.

  4. It's funny because I actually thought about that with Essley before we 100% decided on a name - that she'll never get to find personalized things with her name as stores. We'll just have to order from you! :)

  5. Fun and colourful, I love the plane and camera illustrations!

  6. My kids' names aren't all that common. Especially the spelling. That's why I'll be really excited to order one of these name albums from you sometime very soon!
    You do amazing work on these albums, and I always love how they turn out.

  7. love the color combination! it's so cute!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  8. These are so cool and I bet they're really fun to work on!

  9. As always, I love your albums! Bet the recipients do too!

  10. Gorgeous!

  11. They are adorable. I love those baby colors. Yes I loved finding things with my name on it! When I was in my 20s my parents brought me back a mug from Animal Kingdom with my name on it. That cracked me up. I still use it!

  12. Those are really fun! I have a TON of mini albums that I've done over the years but I never finished one of the word or shape albums like these. They're beautiful though. Love the SDC comment - I'm from the Springfield/Branson area!


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