Friday, July 31, 2009

New Obsession?

Help...I think I have a new obsession! And it's Etsy Jewelry!!! Check out these super cool items I've received lately!
I received this pair of earrings from Jewelry Delicacies in her giveaway on her blog! Thanks so much...they are beautiful! (Sorry about the crappy photo...they are gorgeous...I just can't photograph well!)
And because I was a top commenter on Rose Works Jewelry's blog, I received a gift certificate for part of this awesome necklace! It matches the super cool earrings I received from her before :)
And my latest purchase is from Little Studio Jewels. This ring has it, purple, teal...and on a cool silver ring :) She has so many awesome rings...I may go broke just in her shop alone!!! And be sure to check out her blog might see someone you recognize...wink, wink :)
So stop by all of these lovely ladies' shops and find your new obsession too!!!


  1. jewelry is always nice to buy {:-D And there's that ring!

  2. What great artists! Thanks for including the ring I made you - I like it too!
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Thank you for featuring my necklace! I'm glad you like it :D

  4. Yup, obsessed with beads. Me too.

    Linda B

  5. I love jewelry too! :D Great feature on these beautiful items! Love that ring from Meghann!

  6. I sooooo understand your obsession! Which reminds me...I need to take pics of my goodies too :)

  7. I adore Meghann's work so...much! Love the ring you purchased!
    She has designed a ring for me that I'm waiting to receive, and I can hardly wait! Her Etsy shop s a MUST visit as her jewelry is not only beautiful, but so unique, which also describes her as a person as well!

  8. Thanks for the feature Edi! Glad you enjoy the earrings.

  9. Great jewelry you got Edi!! :)

    Hope you will buy any from my shop soon.. hahhaha ;P

  10. Jewelry is much better than shoes!

  11. Congrats on being the featured blogger of the month. What a sweet dog! I love the necklace, great choice. Julie


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