Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gettin' Ready for Summer

I was so excited to get 7 new Flip Flop Albums done this weekend!!! Just puts me in the mood for summer!!!
These will be in my shop soon :) I have a two-day show this weekend, so they'll go in my Etsy Shop after that.
I also have lots of other 4x6 Photo Albums and Family and Friend Word Albums to add to my shop after the show as well :) I've been working on so much inventory for shows that it will be great to finally add new items to my shop!!!
Look for great new items soon!


  1. a flip flop album? too cute! never heard of one of those!!!

  2. Hope you sell a bunch of them this weekend!! Sending Sales fairy dust!

  3. The flip flip albums are so cute! What a unique idea. Good luck with your show this weekend!

  4. best of luck in the show! The flip-flops are so cute - I even like these better than the other ones you had. Maybe because of the patterns. {:-D

  5. Fun flip flops! Hope you have a successful show and I'm also anxious to see what all you have to add to your shop!

  6. Oh.. Edi.. Those flip flops are so CUTE!!!! I'm sure many people will buy them even just flip flop.. even better with the photo album!! Good luck with your show!!!


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