Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day...Just Around the Corner

Father's Day is this Sunday! And if you're still looking for the perfect gift for Dad, I just added this World's Greatest Dad Beer Mug to my shop.

I had big plans to add several wood cards to my shop as well for Father's Day, but it snuck up on me! I knew adding personalized items this late in the game wasn't a good idea, so I thought a premade item would be a better idea. I'm taking orders on these through Tuesday to guarantee a Father's Day delivery. They also make great birthday gifts, so they'll remain in the shop even after this weekend :)

Do you have all your shopping done? I'd love to hear what you got your dad this year :)


  1. Love the mug!!! Every year I get my dad a gift certificate the local garden center since gardening is one of his favorite hobbies. It feel good to support a local business too. :)

  2. My dad may or may not get a card this year. It depends on if I remember to mail it out. I usually mail out cards for my grandfathers though.

  3. Cute! Father's Day really sneaked up on me this year, too.

  4. These are great Edi! I got my dad a book. But next year, I think he needs one of these!

  5. Fun idea for Dads! I remembered to get my dad a card at least! :)

  6. No kidding about really sneaking up! I can't believe it is so soon.

  7. Oh my dad is at the age where he really doesn't want any more stuff. (My parents are trying to clean out the house of 30 years worth of stuff right now.) He just says he wants us to visit when we can as his present. But I will send a card of course!

    I think the beer mug is a really great idea though! I'm sure these will be very popular. :)

  8. great design!
    My husband is the only father I have to gift this year. I got him a bag for toting wine to the beach (or wherever) when we're on vacation. (We like to watch the sunset with a glass of wine!)
    He has requested some music CDs/DVDs--his perennial favorite.


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