Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Little Bling

I'm always looking for new ideas for my wooden items. And I'm always looking for things I can pair with my wood to add color and give buyers options. I recently experimented with some glitter and gel medium to go with my wood for some earrings...the results were sparkly goodness!

I first made myself a pair in pink (surprise, surprise!) and I loved how they turned out. A little color, a little bling...perfect!

I knew gold and silver had to be next. They're colors that can be worn with just about any outfit and I love how they're just enough bling that you can wear them during the day to work or out on the town at night.

I do have several other colors of glitter if someone is looking for a certain color. Pink, purple, blue, teal, red, green, and copper are currently on hand. (I tried the black, but really didn't like the results...not enough bling!)
Do you like a little bling for your accessories?


  1. I LOVE the pink sparkly ones!!

  2. Cute! Although I think there might a be a little too much blind there for me. I prefer just a tiny bling :)

  3. Those are pretty Edi! I like to use crystals in the jewelry I wear personally so guess I like a little bling too!

  4. These are fantastic Edi! What a great idea!!! I bet they will be great sellers at your next craft show.

  5. These earrings are so much fun! Who doesn't love a little bling?

  6. These are so cute! What girl doesn't need a little bit of sparkle? :)

  7. There's definitely nothing wrong with a little bling! I love the silver set, and I could just imagine a nice sky blue bling too. Pretty!

  8. Love these, especially the pink ones :)


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