Thursday, February 5, 2015

Boys and Their Toys

A couple weekends ago Jesse and I went to a car show in the city with his aunt and uncle. I'm not usually into the newer car shows as they are the same cars you can typically see on a dealer's lot. But it was a reason to get out of the house and spend some time with friends/family. It was also a chance to get to see the new Polaris Slingshot!

We started the night off with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the Old Market called Rock Bottom. I just love their bloody marys and they have the best baked mac 'n cheese ever! I got mine with chicken and bacon. (no calories!)
At the car show we got to see Jesse's new dream toy...the Slingshot (top photo). I wasn't able to get the greatest picture of it as there were tons of people looking at it, they had the hood open and they had mannequins sitting in the seats so no one could sit in it during the show. But we had a lot of fun talking to the dealer about them and dreaming of owning one. Maybe next year :)

They also had some fun sports cars that we don't see much around here like Lamborghinis, Ferraris and this cool Italian car (red car above) called the Alfa Romeo. These are the cars I enjoy seeing. I'm not in the market for a new car, so I don't care much about Ford, GMC, etc...I like seeing either vintage cars or unique cars that no one I know will ever own.

What have you guys been up to?


  1. I love the Alfa Romeo! Car shows such as these are popular over here. I've never been to one, but they draw huge crowds :)

  2. Cool cars! I love that sporty little red one!! (A far cry from my old gray Taurus.)

    I've been up to taxes -- and up to my knees in snow. But Spring is only a couple of calendar flips away (I hope!!).

  3. Looks like a fun outing! I like that little red car too! Our neighbor has a Ferrari and they are loud and impractical so I'll just save my money by not getting one. :)

    I've been up to taxes like LeAnn has!

  4. It sounds like a fun night! I'm not in the market for a new car either, but I would have had fun taking pictures there.

  5. I'm not into car at all either, but that sounds like fun. Also, I LOVE Rock Bottom! I get the mac and cheese too. :)

  6. I LOVE the Alpha Romeo! Like pasqueflower I have an old Tauras, but white. I'm about ready to trade it off, but I'm afraid the Alpha is out!

  7. This car show does sound fun with the fancy, cool cars that normal people could never afford. :) I'm sure it was worth it for that mac and cheese!

  8. It's funny but my hubby isn't a car person at all. We have a toyota yaris and he's perfectly happy with it :)

    I'd love a volkswagen beetle though - one of the cream ones with flowers all down the side!


  9. Went to a car show once with my first husband, years ago. He was into cars, and in his teenage years he was in a car club. I enjoyed the car show, but probably would never go again, Andy is not into cars.

  10. I kicked and screamed year after year to not take me to the car show. Finally this year i gave in, and I was anticipating a horrible day with me biting my tongue all day. I was absolutely blown away at how fun the car show really was. It was like a rock concert for motor-heads. I had a blast and I can't wait til next year.

    Kourtney @ Thomas Sales and Service Ford


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