Friday, September 25, 2015

Chicago - Part 4 - AC/DC

Our last day in Chicago was our most anticipated and what initiated the whole trip to begin with...AC/DC!!!

We did start out the day by visiting the Shedd Aquarium first. While it was mainly just a bunch of fish (what did you, there were quite a few cool exhibits. And we took in a water show as well.
My favorite fish are the brightly colored ones. Big and small, I love their color! This cute little turtle got to join them in their tank :)

And this blue lobster is said to be one in a million.

The water show included beluga whales.

And a sea lion that actually came right up on the platform for his show :) on to the ROCK!!!
AC/DC did not disappoint!! The entire show rocked! It's kind of hard to tell from this angle, but the stage was a huge pair of horns.

And all those red flashing lights you see in the crowd are light-up horns you could buy as a souvenir. They were everywhere!

Brian Johnson (lead singer) and Angus Young (slide guitarist) put on one hell of a show!

Angus did his famous Duck Walk all night long. And had a huge guitar riff at the end. They even had an entire stage extension for him! It even rose up in the center where he laid on the stage and spun in circles while still playing his guitar!

I wish I had gotten some better videos, but I did manage to get this clip before my camera went kaput. 

For a group of guys, mostly in their 60s, they still know how to rock a full house. This show was completely sold out and we talked to people who had traveled from Florida and Texas to be there!
 I don't know if these guys will ever make it back to the US to tour again, but I can't recommend seeing them enough!


  1. How fabulous to end your amazing trip with a live concert!
    Glad you and Jesse had such a great time :)

  2. The stage set looks fantastic! I love Young's outfit. It must have been a treat seeing these guys live! The aquarium must have been to fun. The blue lobsters make the local news when found since they show up around Maine from time to time. They are so neat!

  3. Sounds like the concert was the frosting on the Chicago cake! Glad you both had such a great time!

  4. Sounds like you guys had an amazing time! How are AC/DC in their 60s? That makes me feel old! Haha.

  5. sounds like you guys had an amazing night! and a great show!! so glad you had a wonderful trip to Chicago topping it off with such a great concert

  6. Love live concerts!!! Congrats on fabulous time in Chicago! I think last year you went to AC/DC concert as well? or it was two years ago?...


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