Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Customer Appreciation

Today I'd like to take a moment to thank a few of my customers who have purchased buttons from my shop. One of the things I love most about selling custom buttons is that I get to see the fun creations they go on. From crocheted baby hats to cute coffee koozies, I love the array of ideas!

The3AndersonGirls sell lots of cute items to keep you warm in the up-coming chilly months. This Bunny Hood is just adorable!

ANodToMod sells lots of adorable baby items from blankets to cute little hats. These particular hats come with a custom button with their name on it!

 JudithsCrochet creates lots of little items for boys and girls whose mommy's suffered from HG (Kate Middleton suffered from this with her first child). I love how she turned the HG into TougHGirl and TougHGuy! These hats are so cute in all their fun colors!


LoopinWithLove has a shop full of fun items for kids big and small. I couldn't resist sharing this pink and purple hat! And the ear warmer will be much needed very soon I'm afraid.

SavannaStitch has a great collection of items to keep you warm this winter. Including slippers for your feet or a cosy for your hands. You can't beat a pink and gray cosy :)


  1. How fun to see your buttons on all these wonderful items!
    Love those heart buttons! Occasionally customers send me pictures of what they made with my fabrics :)

  2. These are all so cute! and I love your buttons :)

  3. Your creativity inspires creativity in others. Love the hats!

  4. I would rock that bunny hood if weather allowed. The purple slippers pretty, too!

  5. Very cool! And I'm with Renee - the bunny hood is neat!

  6. It's so fun to see what people do with your buttons! My favorite is the coffee cozy. :-)

  7. I love seeing the end uses of your buttons. You have so many talented customers!

  8. This post has inspired me! I've bought things for other people from your shop - but the most recent buttons I purchased were for me, and they're just sitting here on my desk (buttons as decor?) So... hopefully soon I'll be working them into one of my own projects. Thanks for posting this, it's nice to see what other people do with the buttons you make.

  9. Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing with us.


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