Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bring On The Snow!!!

Okay, so I'm not totally ready for the snow...but I am ready to start riding my snowmobile!!!
I got my snow boots out the other day and realized they had a huge crack in them! I can't complain though...they were great boots. Jesse got them several years ago for Christmas and when he got a new pair, those became mine...so they served their purpose. Plus, this meant I got to go shopping :)
Jesse's even the one who picked out my new boots :) He saw them in a magazine and knew I'd love them...they are pink after all!!! Check these out...don't they ROCK!!!
The snowmobile world is starting to gear more and more accessories toward females :) You can find just about any article of clothing in pink now and they even make custom graphics to make certain sleds pink! I know what's on my Christmas list this year :)


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