Sunday, December 6, 2009

Live and Learn

Well...the show this weekend was a total bust...TOTAL!!! And the sad part is, it wasn't just that way for was that way for ALL the vendors! So, I've decided to take the opportunity to live and learn from this experience and share with you what I learned.
  • Be leery of first year shows! I went in not expecting much...but this was ridiculous!
  • Ask in advance how much advertising will be done. This show really could have been a hit, but there was NO advertising done!!!
  • Take lots of things to work on while you're there! I'm so glad I had plenty of projects to work helped the time go by faster :)
  • Make friends with the other vendors. It will give you someone to talk to and who might even make a sale :)
  • My most important lesson...Don't Fret!!! There will always be more shows. Learn from the experience and move on!

Here is a picture of the room we had. The set up was great! There were three of us together in a room and I had plenty of space for my display as well as an 8' table with lots of work space! Now if there were just people in the room as well!

I hope everyone else's shows are going much better this year. But if they're not...don't fret...learn from it :)


  1. That room looks really great! Thanks for the tips, I guess some things are only experienced for experience itself. And the next show can't be any worse right? :)

  2. Oh, no Edi! I'm sorry to hear it didn't go well. Your setup looks awesome though, so you should be proud of that! Thanks for the great tips - I'll definitely keep those in mind!

  3. sorry to hear that Edi!! Your display place was Great!! I think the bad thing was that they separate you in to one room with small vendors.. Don't worry about that show.. Your works are so great!!

  4. I'm sorry to hear that the show was a bust but at least you did learn something. I'm doing a first year show next weekend and so far haven't seen much advertisting on it so I'm expecting the same result as you. Better luck to both of us though!

  5. Oh Edi, this was definately at the cost of those, if they would have known would have attended and cleaned you out of your wonderful creations!



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