Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let the Countdown Begin!!!

I have been trying to get some vacation at work approved for quite some time and finally got it done last night!!! I am so excited because it is while my parents will be here :) This got me looking at the calendar and counting down the days for several events.
  • 10 Working Days Left!!!
  • 16 Days Til My Parents Arrive!!!
  • 21 Days Til Christmas Eve!!!
  • 28 Days Til New Year's Eve!!!

These are all very exciting days for me!!! I cannot wait to have time off spend with my parents...all while Christmas and New Years!!! What are you counting down for?

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  1. Your December is going to be very exciting! As much as I enjoy all the holidays, I tend to countdown until the start of tax season so it's not quite so joyful. My dad is coming out in January so that'll give me something more to look forward to after the holidays too.


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