Monday, December 21, 2009

The Glow of Lights

I've had a few people ask what fun and exciting things Jesse and I did for our anniversary. Well...truth be wasn't overly exciting...but it was still a great time :)
We had worked the night before and as usual didn't sleep when we got off work that morning, so we weren't really into any thing exciting. We decided to take Harley for a ride and go visit Jesse's brother to see how the new house is coming along and stopped to see some other friends.
The highlight came when we stopped to see the famous Baird Christmas Lights. When Jesse and I realized that we hadn't been to see them since our first year dating, it made it that much more special :)
Here is a little information I found about the lights. I wish I could find how many years they have been doing this (over 20 I believe) really is a sight to be seen! People drive 100s of miles to come see this beautiful sight.
As many as 50,000 lights cover the farmstead, including the house, outbuildings and some of the machinery. Highlights include a church and steeple filled with animated characters, a 10-foot-tall snowman waving from a field, a 70-foot-tall tower made into a Christmas tree and a spaceship. New this year: A lit combine.
And here is some info from the owner: In southwest Iowa, Jack Baird can't imagine a year without his holiday display. He still climbs grain bins as tall as 42 feet to string lights each year, assisted by his partner, Sandy Severn, two sons and two sons-in-law, one of whom is an electrician. "Everyone talks to me and says how much they enjoy it," he said. "As long as I have my health and family helps me, I'll probably do it for several more years."


  1. I love Christmas lights and these look amazing! How fitting that you got see them again with Jesse on your anniversary!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  2. What a beautiful light display! I enjoy going around and looking at Christmas lights but have never seen anything like that. Glad you and Jesse had a special evening on your anniversary!

  3. I didn't think of it before, but how wonderful that your anniversary come within all of the holiday celebration!

    We have displays like that here, and years ago when our children were kids, we fill the back of a friends truck w/hay and went light-seeing. We we cold, happy, delighted, sang, and were filled with the joy of our children, and the child within each of us.

  4. that's amazing! And so nice of the family to entertain the community like that. I wonder what it looks like, from the air...

  5. I just drove by the lights tonight!! i was researching them and i found this! It gave me so much info, thanks for sharing!


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