Saturday, December 26, 2009

It was a White Christmas

A nice dusting would have been plenty...but we got the whole shebang!!! It started raining and sleeting on Wednesday this week, but the temps were high enough it wasn't freezing...yet! Thursday morning was the same situation...more rain and sleet. It finally turned to big fluffy snowflakes in the really was pretty :) The drive home that night was not so pretty! Snow is one thing...but the wind is another! There were so many snow drifts and the plows hadn't been on any of the roads close to our house! We even had to reschedule a Christmas get-together because of the weather! Luckily Jesse is a good driver and got us home safe...even when the snow flew up over the hood of the pickup!!!
Yesterday was much of the same...some snow, some sleet...more mess! We thought we were going to have to ride the snowmobiles to Christmas! Luckily a snow plow came by as we were making up our mind as to what to do! The roads still weren't the best with the wind still blowing!
Today is much better :) There is a very light can barely see it. And the wind isn't blowing at all. We still don't have a driveway! I'm not sure how you lose a driveway...but ours is missing! We've been having to drive up and down the bank to get out of the yard!
As you can see from these photos...I'm not going anywhere anytime soon! Jesse took the truck I'm home relaxing! My mom and dad are on their way over and we'll just stay in and have fun together :)

It's a good thing Harley likes to be outside...these drifts are taller than he is!!!

Hope everyone is staying warm and staying safe!!!


  1. Now that's a lot of snow! Harley is so cute in the middle of those drifts! We had a lovely, sunny Christmas with no snow or rain.

  2. LOL!

    Yes, Harley is cute in between the drifts! He needs booties...

    Did you have a yard sale? Sometimes people buy...maybe that is where your driveway went?

    Started out deeply overcast and very rainy, and then after we got to the beach for our Christmas meal, the sun popped out and all was wonderful still...

    Blog posting soon to come!

  3. I'm hunkered down in my house... since Thursday! We got the same storm, started icing up on Wed., snowing Thurs (and power outage). I was so afraid the power would go out again, but the lights (and heater) is on... knock on wood!

    Glad everyone is able to see each other. My doggie loves the snow. She keeps going out, then coming back in - freezing! Glad she's not rolling in it!

  4. OMGosh you weren't kidding when you said Harley needs to meet Maddie! What a cutie!!! Glad you had a white Christmas! Looks beautiful!

  5. Argh! Look at all that snow! :( Someone seriously needs to mail me some...


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