Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Traditions

Today is our big family Christmas celebration day :) It may just be the most fun we have all year!!! It is so wonderful to get together with family and have such a great time!
Each year there are several things we do out of tradition. The first being our annual family photos. We have been taking these since before I was born! Here is our photo from last year.
We also eat the same food every year. We have a pot luck and everyone brings the same food :)
Our family loves to play cards. Each year we gather round the kitchen table and play as many card games as we can get it!
Pink champagne is another tradition :) It only comes out on Christmas and it is a family favorite!
A new tradition we started a few years ago is a gift exchange game. Each person brings a guy or girl gift and then the gifts can be stolen, traded, and passed around. It can be pretty exciting...and loud...LOL :)
I'm excited to get to my grandparent's today to see everyone and let the fun begin :)


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  2. Edi, your family sounds so wonderful! You always exude such warmth. Have a most lovely Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to you and your family!!!

  4. Edi, your family traditions sound like so much fun! Wishing you a wonderful celebration today!


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