Monday, June 14, 2010


At a bridal show I did back in January, I met up with a local photographer who loved my Name and Word Albums. She decided to buy some to sell in her studio and she added the Custom Albums to her order forms for weddings, seniors portraits, etc.
I got my first order from her a couple of weeks ago for a really fun album!
The team's uniforms are pink and black zebra stripes! How fun is that! Now if I could have worn a cool uniform like this, maybe I would have played softball too...LOL :)


  1. It's SOOOO CUTE!! Cool Colors and Pattern!!!!

  2. Those uniforms must be so cool! Love how the album turned out too!

  3. OMG!! What a great idea. In this part of Texas, softball is HUGE!!!! A great amount of money goes into it and I bet these would be bought up quickly.


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