Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Unique Color Combo

I received an order for a custom album recently that requested a unique color combo. When I first read it, I thought..."How am I going to make this work! What a strange combination!"
But as I laid out the papers and started putting everything together, it really came together nicely! In fact, I think it's quite a pretty color combination actually :)
Grandma-Sage Green, Gold and Brick Red
It helps to step outside our norm sometimes and find inspiration in new things :) Where have you found inspiration lately?


  1. Wow!! It came out so great!! You're so talent!!! It's really beautiful album!!

  2. Whatever the color combination, I know you can make something beautiful with it! This album turned out great! I find inspiration right here on this blog!

  3. I love it! And now that i know you do the word grandma I can add that to the gift list.

  4. toss in some sky blue & you have my house :) although my gold is more of a pale yellow/banana kind of color
    The album looks great :)


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