Thursday, June 7, 2012

Out for a Stroll

I've been very proud of myself this week. As I stated in my goals post on Tuesday, I planned to take up exercising again. Now that I'm not working two full-time jobs, exercise is a priority jeans and shorts say so!

And so does Harley :) He was SO excited we got to go for a walk Monday evening! We hadn't even left the driveway and he was already pulling me along!

We even had an unexpected visitor on our trip! Deer are common in this area, but this guy sure scared me! Harley could smell him and went right to the edge of the ditch. I hurried and got a picture before he got away :)

I spend so much time inside that it was sure nice to get out! I can't believe how tall the crops are already getting...seems like yesterday everyone was still planting!

What better way to cool off after a long walk than by taking a dip in the pool :)

This is one happy puppy :)

And I'm happy to say that I jogged both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. (And hopefully as you're reading this, I'm out jogging today too!) I'm starting slow and warming my body back up. My legs are a little sore and those hills are a killer, but I'm determined to jog my 3 mile jaunt again this summer :)


  1. Whoa! Cool action shot of that deer.

    Good luck with your new exercise regimen!

  2. best of luck with your routine! sounds like you are doing great. i love that shot of the deer!

  3. Great day to be outside. The deer photo is amazing -- caught in mid-air with no blur.

  4. great shot of that deer. and I'm now inspiried to get into shape myself. with the kids out of school...I'll have more time?? lol

    stopped by from the etsy blog team, and now following you.

  5. Harley must love having you around more! That action deer shot is awesome!!! Good job with the jogging.

  6. We have signs of flying deer but you really do have flying deer! Wow! We see the smile on Harley's sweet little face showing how happy he is that his mom now has time to enjoy walks with him! Yay for only one full time job! :)

  7. Aw, what a happy Harley! Great deer capture. Best of luck getting back in the exercise routine again. It's great to get outside and exercise this time of year.

  8. That sounds so lovely Edi!! I'm so happy for you (and for Harley!) What a crazy deer sighting too!

  9. What a beautiful place to go for a run or walk. Enjoy your time outside, it looks like Harley is!
    Everyday Inspired

  10. Last year with the drought those little pools were sold out. For dogs!

    That deer does not even look real--it is so high off the ground.

  11. Harley is soooo cute dragging you along on the walk and chillin' in the pool! Also, great shot of the deer!

  12. when Buster and I went for a walk on Saturday, he was pulling me along too (at first) - I have one of those retractable leashes too! Great photo of the deer - looks like he(?)'s really moving along. Hope you get to your goal! {:-D

  13. What a cutie, Harley is! Great photo of the deer! Wow! Sure is pretty out there!

  14. What an awesome photo of the deer!
    Harley is a super cutie!

  15. What a cool shot of the deer :)
    Isn't it great being out and about at this time of year?
    Harely looks super happy in the pool ♥


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