Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vegas Baby...VEGAS!

No, unfortunately I'm not headed to Vegas! But if I ever go again, I'm making myself an album just like this one!

This is the largest album I've made to date! It is 11.5"x12" and holds around 175 photos!!! The base of the album is made of chipboard like all my Name Albums and I added several cardstock pages in between the chipboard pages. The book got so thick I wasn't able to bind it like most of my others, so I used large metal binding rings instead.

Of course I love the colors of this album as well :) This album was made for a bachelorette party. What fun to get to celebrate in Vegas! I hope the bride-to-be loves her scrapbook :)

I'm also working on two more 11.5"x12" albums right now...one for New York City that is all bright colored zebra print papers! I can't wait to show that one to you!


  1. What a fun book, great colours! The bride-to-be will LOVE it!!

  2. I love your Vegas album! It something the newlyweds will keep forever. Isn't that a great thought?! {:-D

  3. That's going to be some bachelorette party! The bride will surely be thrilled with her album!

  4. Fun book! What a perfect way to remember a trip to Vegas.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. That's a great album! Usually there isn't that many photos taken of what happens in Vegas! :)

  6. Wow, that's quite a tall order to check off your list! What a great way to commemorate their trip:)

  7. Wow, what a great order! I love the large size and of course, this is a great color combination. I'm sure that will be an awesome addition to the bachelorette party experience.

    The zebra print paper album sounds really fun!

  8. Since we live on the West Coast, a couple of my daughters take "girl" trips to Vegas. They would love this!


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