Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Around the Corner

I know it's not even fall yet, but before we know it Christmas will be just around the corner!!! I have already started receiving a few orders for Christmas presents! I think people are trying to spread out their shopping this year and are starting earlier :)
I recently started making Custom Photo Ornaments

I have already sold one of these at my first craft show last weekend and hope they do well on Etsy as well :) Everyone loves custom items and this one is extra special with the photo :) I know it would be my favorite ornament!

What holiday items have you started listing?


  1. Your custom ornaments are so cool!
    Christmas is going to be here before we know it!

  2. I can't believe the year is almost over...where did it go?
    Your Xmas ornaments are very special indeed. Cool!

  3. Your ornaments are fantastic! I hope they do well in your shop. I hope to open my shop in the next couple of weeks and I plan to have a couple of Christmas things. Christmas will be here sooner than we realize!

  4. what a great custom present ... for yourself! Good luck with them! {:-D

  5. I the the album that you made for me to the Studio yesterday and everyone LOVED it! Need your business cards lovie...

    Soon you will need a little elf to help you, at least with packaging and mailing!!!

  6. Okay, I'm totally one of those people who's started Christmas shopping. I haven't really planned to do it, but I keep stumbling upon awesome things and I don't want to pass them up.

    Those ornaments are cool! The baby is especially adorable.

  7. I hope that your new ornaments do well on Etsy! That's great that people are already Christmas shopping.

    I have a pretty good stock of Christmas jewelry already. I'm planning to make one more button charm bracelet before November.

  8. What great custom ornaments! I wish you many sales!! :)

  9. The ornaments are great. You are so on top of your game!

    Since the kids have their birthdays in November and December I never know if I have purchased the birthday or the holiday gift! But i know I am not done.

  10. You are right - everyone does like something custom! Great ornaments =)

  11. These ornaments are beautiful! Those will make terriffic Christmas gifts.


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