Saturday, September 17, 2011

Priorities and Time Management

I am this week's host for the EtsyBlogger's blog carnival. Here are the two topics I gave our team to write about: 1. How do you prioritize your time? How do you get more hours out of the day? 2. Are you a multi-tasker? Or do you prefer to finish one project before starting another? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I start each day with a to do list. I make my list at work that night so when I get home in the morning, I know exactly what I need/want to get accomplished for the day. Having a list and having priorities helps me stay on task! And I love crossing things off my list :) I try to get as much computer work done at work on my breaks as I can. The more I can get done before I get home means more time to create :) And now that I have my smart phone...I can read and comment on blogs anywhere I am! (Like waiting for Jesse to get out of Napa!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am a huge multi-tasker! I do as many things as I can at once! I love my laser machine because it works while I work :) I can be working on scrapbooks while it's cutting out guest books for me! How cool is that! Or I can be printing earring cards while I'm updating my blog! I also don't spend much time doing leisure things like reading or watching TV. Our TV is rarely on and I'm about 6 months behind on all my magazine subscriptions! I do spend time browsing the net, but I try to do this while I'm eating breakfast or lunch. (Yes, I eat all my meals at the computer!) One more way I can multi-task :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, share your tips with me! I'm always looking for ways to get more hours out of the day! It seems 24 just isn't enough :)


  1. You sound very organized with your time. Good tips here. I make lots of lists too. My challenge is sticking to the plan.

  2. Wow, no wonder you are such a successful bean!

    Unless I have something that I need to do: dr.'s appt, groceries, etc... I do not usually have a daily list. When I do go out, I try to maximize and this often requires a list.

    We always have an ongoing list for the grocery shopping. We keep it in a magnetic office folder thingy that is on the side of the refrigerator. In this is a small clipboard w/pad and pen. When we see that we will need something, it is written on the list for the next shopping trip.

  3. I'm also a list writer, but my lists still seem to be longer than my days. I'll even add things to my list, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing something off.

    Love these TO DO list notepads I found on Etsy:

    I've started getting up earlier. I am a "morning person." But some days, I just have to turn off the computer so I can stay more focused on creating.

  4. I too eat meals at my computer. I'm in the process of making up a list of sorts to organize my projects and tasks. I find that I can get more accomplished if I see it written down.

    I really, really want to learn how to use my time better. After many, many years I'm finally down from working 40+ (a few years back it was 60+) hours a week to just 4 - 8 hour days. I don't feel like I'm accomplishing more though.

    I'm interested in hearing more about this subject!

  5. Oh my, I wish I were as organized as you! I do try to plan my errand running so that I'm not backtracking -- my car uses the most expensive gas so I try to keep the running around down!

    The "we're out of this" list on the fridge is mighty helpful.

    I do read a lot and also watch TV at night -- but I read before sleep and while eating lunch. TV time is crochet time so I hook ; ) with one eye on the TV and the other on my crochet.

    I'm lovin' your laser machine too -- fabulous designs coming from that little gadget!!

  6. Great topic for the carnival! I'll definitely write a post on this. I do watch TV everyday, but I'm almost always doing something else while I'm watching (like beading).

  7. You are so organized Edi! I make lists too but not as often as I should. When I'm feeling really overwhelmed they help me feel like my to do list is doable. My husband is a TV junkie so it's on all the time but I can do my blog stuff or make jewelry while listening to it so it's okay.

  8. You have such focus! It sounds like you are doing a great job organizing your time. My experience is that multi-tasking has it's limits. At work I have to immerse myself in really technical material but I am also expected to be on call to fix problems as they come up in manufacturing. I find the unrelated interruptions really slow me down and can cause me to make mistakes.

  9. you are way more the multi-tasker than I am! Not watching tv is a great time saver for artists. I just have to spend time with DH, and that's where he usually is - in front of the tv! At least I can read when he's watching sports! {:-D

  10. It does sound like you are a great multi-tasker and very organized!

  11. Wow! I don't see how you could squeeze one more minute out of your days!
    I am not nearly so organized--constantly on task as you. I do multi-task, though.
    I don't watch TV either unless it's at the gym on an aerobic machine. I read, but it's most often at night before I go to sleep. I love books, so I listen to them while driving or sometimes while cooking.
    I do keep daily lists, but they are not comprehensive. When out running errands I try to conserve time by planning a logical route of destinations and saving up outings so I don't have to do multiple trips. I do keep an ongoing grocery list on the fridge.

  12. What a nice topic. Without a to do list I find my day goes out of control. I try to focus on the things that are most important- my walk (exercise) in the morning...for my health. Health is wealth I learned the hard way:)

    But I am not much of a multi tasker. I had a great talk with my daughter today who is also a to do list person. Is it very important that we need to be so goal oriented all the time? It is also important that we wander some times and let loose...that is when the muse pays a visit to me.... I'll have to write a blog on it. I love your shop. Dita


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