Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding Registries on Etsy

On Tuesday I talked about my mixed feelings about the new Wedding Categories on Etsy. I was glad to read that others had the same opinions I do. There are always pros and cons to any changes and I'm definitely not one against change, I just hope Etsy sees where their faults lie and fixes them.

One change I am pretty excited about is the new Wedding Registry! I'm both excited about this as a shop owner and a shopper! As a shop owner, it allows people to directly share our items with their friends and family...and tell them to buy them! As a shopper, I like that I can share some of my favorite items with the world, but I don't have to share them all.

I'll walk you through the process in case you haven't registered yet. Since I'm not actually getting married, I put in my birth date as the "wedding date". I thought maybe I could cheat and use the Registry as my Birthday Wish List :)
When you register, it takes you to a page that has a few categories to start choosing items from. This is the one thing I don't like about the tries to select items for you! They give you a handful of categories and assume you want items from there. The nice thing is, there is a search bar at the bottom of the screen so you can choose the items that YOU want :)

Another cool feature is that every listing now has a Favorite Button and an Add to Registry Button. You don't have to worry about Etsy's silly categories that they choose for you because every listing you browse through has a registry button now!

Another awesome feature is that you can Add Notes to the items you add to your registry!!! I would love to be able to add notes to my Favorites, but this is the next best thing. You can tell your family and friends what you like about each item and why you chose it a very personal feel :)

Once you've added lots of awesome items to your can then share it with the world! (or at least those you choose) You can email the link, share it on Facebook and even print cards!

I'm pretty excited about the new registries! And I hope Etsy sees this and adds Baby Shower Registries and (actual) Birthday Wishlists (so I don't have to cheat) :)

Have you made a Registry? What do you think so far?


  1. This is such an awesome move for Etsy! I wish I was getting married! They would definately do well with baby shower and birthday registries.

  2. I haven't really looked at it yet, but I like your idea of using it for a birthday wish list! I'm totally stealing that.

  3. Didn't know a thing about this new feature, but it sounds very interesting. Will have to check it out.

  4. Great walk-through! And I would totally support a Baby Shower Registry and a Birthday / Holiday Wish List.


  5. Edi - brilliant idea to use it as a birthday/holiday list! I use Amazon's now, but the advantage of also adding text is a step up!

  6. I didn't even know about this but that sounds pretty cool! It shouldn't only be for weddings though so I hope they add more registries too.

  7. Thanks for the great registry demonstration! As I'm already married, I haven't looked at it much, but it's a great idea. I hope that you get more sales from it.

    I also agree that I hope that Etsy adds Baby Showers and Birthdays. I love to make Etsy birthday wish lists and would definitely use that feature.

    (Thanks for showing off my button charm bracelet!)

  8. I was kind of bummed when the came out with that just a few months after we'd already sent out our registry to!

    But, it's cool for everyone else. Hadn't thought about doing a b-day list- great idea!

  9. What a great idea!! I wish that were there when I got married!

  10. I really haven't looked at the registry. I guess my age has something to do with that. :) Nice review!

  11. Thanks for highlighting the good points about the registry! They should do a birthday registry :)

  12. I checked it out for a minute to see what you mean.
    I agree that the registry is a great idea! I wish they'd make a wish list feature. After all, not everyone is getting married right now, and the rest of us do like gifts.
    I didn't like the category features so much, but perhaps it gives some people a place to start.

  13. I had the same thought. I'm already married but would love to create a birthday registry and (someday) a baby registry. I think I may do what you did and just make a wedding registry for those things :)


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