Monday, November 10, 2014

Always Up For a Challenge

One of the things I love most about my laser is the variety of items I am able to engrave.. While I mostly engrave wood and etch glass, this amazing machine will do so much more.


I was recently contacted by a local deer antler collector. He does some hand carving of his own, but wanted some smaller pieces engraved and wanted to know if I could use my laser to engrave them. I really had no idea if the laser would do it or not, but I was up for the challenge. He gave me a few sample pieces to practice on and this weekend I did just that.

I was so happy with how they turned out! They were a little tricky to load in the laser as they are fairly curved and won't stand upright on their own. Nothing a few glue dots and some magnets couldn't fix :)

Two of these pieces are antler points and the other is the base of the antler. Both were fun to practice on and I love the results!

Just a small side note...
For those of you who aren't familiar with deer, they shed their antlers every year and grow a new set. So many of these pieces will be made from antler sheds.
So please, no animal cruelty comments.


  1. These look great!
    I love how you can engrave anything!!

  2. I love the idea... I think it will be perfect gift got a hunters... I know my Alabama's side of the family will be very happy with antler as christmas gift :)

  3. Nice work! You may have a busy deer season.

  4. Your laser is basically magic. It can do anything!

    And I also didn't know about deer shedding their antlers! How funny. They re-grow that big every year?!

  5. Wow! These antlers are unique indeed. I love how you take on new adventures with your work all the time and share it with us. =0)

  6. Wow - your laster can do so much! This isn't altering my image of it as some science fiction machine. =)

    I've actually seen shed antlers on the ground while out on a hike. Not here in Hawaii, but back in SC.

  7. That is one power laser you've got there!! :)

  8. Very cool! It is awesome how deer grow new antlers each year leaving of a unique material to work with.

  9. I can see that laser is so versatile and you can engrave so many different items. Happy for you, Edi.

  10. Yes, they did turn out nice! I'm always a bit nervous when it comes to trying new things like that, but after I do, I'm always glad I did!

  11. whoa! It seems there's nothing that machine--and your ingenuity--can not do!


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