Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life Lately

I feel like my blog has been a little quiet lately. I've had so much going on and not very many blog ideas to share. Today I thought I'd just give you a run down of life lately :)

Check this girl out! I brushed AND blow dried my hair...all in the same day! lol Since I've started working from home, I have to admit that this doesn't happen often. While I wash my hair everyday, I normally just pull it back in a clip while it's still wet. And on days when I "do" my hair. I just let it air dry a bit and throw in some gel. Since I needed a hair cut, I thought the hair dresser might appreciate not having to deal with all those tangles :)

I also got sick last week. I'm just glad to get it out of the way early and hope I don't get it again during the holiday rush! I actually relaxed on the couch for 2 days...that's unheard of around here! Luckily I'm feeling much better.

We also had another funeral last Wednesday. My parents were home all last week as well because of this. I didn't have any posts preplanned and family time always comes first :) So I feel like the blog has been pretty quiet.

On Saturday I had my second fall show for this year. Another great show too! I didn't get any photos of my booth this time as I had a very similar set up. While I didn't have a 3 sided booth, I used all the same displays and such.

On Sunday my mom and I took my grandparents to the airport. Lucky ducks get to spend 6 months in Arizona and avoid all this cold weather that's sneaking up on us. Mom and I spent the day in the city shopping. We also watched the movie The Best of Me...great movie! And went to a theater with recliners...so great! I tried to get a selfie of us in the recliners, but the theater was already too dark. 
That night we enjoyed dinner with my dad's family.

So things have been busy and hectic around here, but good all at the same time. And as you can see...I took hardly any photos!

How has your life been lately?


  1. I'm guilty of also just putting back wet hair. Actually, on Sunday we went to lunch at my neighbor's house, and I blow-dried my hair for the first time in forever...mostly because we were meeting some new people and I thought I'd try to tone down the craziness on top of my head. Haha. My family, friends, and people who already know me don't really call for extra time getting ready; they get me as I am lol.

    Sorry to hear your family had another loss. It's times like those that bring you closer, I guess, but it's never easy.

    Congrats on your success at the craft show. It sounds like you're on a roll!

    Glad you're feeling better. Peter and I are both coming down with something too...I'm hoping I can get over it quickly because I have too much to do to be sick...don't we all. xoxo

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better. It's never a good time to get sick but Holiday season is definitely the worst!

    You look pretty!! I'm also guilty of slacking in my appearance since I started working from today. Today I actually made the effort of jumping in the shower as soon as I got out of bed and put on an actual outfit rather than yoga pants and a hoodie. It feels good, lets see if I can do it again tomorrow. :)

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better. I know what you mean about dressing for the day. It's about 10:30 and I'm still in my robe because I've been publishing a blog post and doing book work.

    Sounds like a busy week with family. But hopefully you've already had your turn of being sick and you will be nice and healthy for the holiday rush!

  4. Lots of people are having the sniffles over here. I spend all sunday inside and promised myself the snack on lots of fruits and vegetables from now on. Spending time with mom's always good!

  5. I don't even own a hair dryer! pulled back wet is all I do, unless I manage "use car air conditioning as dryer." Sorry you've been sick - I hope that's it for the season!

  6. We went to a new theater with recliners and I loved it! They should all be that way!
    I'm glad you took time to relax while you were sick...sometimes we just have to do that.

  7. Brushed and blow dried? Whoa! LOL! Isn't it great working from home! I don't even have a hair dryer since my hair is wavy so it's air dried every day. So I need two hours notice so it can dry before going anywhere, oh well! Just lately I haven't been wearing makeup during the day. I'm a daredevil! :)

    Glad you've had time with family and hope you don't catch any more sick bugs for a very long time!

  8. It sounds like thinks have been very busy! And I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm sorry for your family's loss though. xo

  9. You are looking gorgeous Edi! and hopefully feeling better!!

  10. so sorry about another funeral. But the family time that came with it is precious.
    I really don't like to mess with hair. Since it's shorter now, I can add gel and let air dry, and it's wavy. As it gets longer it gets straighter and then I have to curl or straighten it.
    Life has seemed crazy lately with "school" added into the mix.

  11. Love your hair! I remember when I used to have long hair, I did just like you put it up in a clip or under a stocking cap!


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