Friday, May 15, 2015

Father's Day Preview

Mother's Day may have just been last weekend, but as business owners, it's never too early to start planning ahead for the next holiday. Father's Day will be here before we know it and I'm determined to be ahead of the game this year!

Last year I had this beer mug available and this year I'm expanding the selection to pint glasses and pilsner glasses as well.

I've also relisted these Dad's Kitchen & Grill Master cutting boards, which are perfect for Father's Day.

Last year I designed some wood cards, but never got around to making samples and getting them listed in the shop...ugh! This year I'm on top of my game and have 3 cards made and photographed! I'm working on getting everything listed this week/weekend.

Have you started prepping your shop for Father's Day?
Have any other ideas for my shop?


  1. I like the grill master :-)

    I'm not offering anything special for mother's and father's day in my shops. You're asking for ideas. Maybe you can make a gift package with a cutting board, wooden spoons and a glass?

  2. Your Father's Day items look great!

  3. Great masculine items! I love the Grill Master! A glass coffee mug could be popular too. :)

  4. Those mugs look great! Right to time to keep them ready!

  5. I like the pilsner glass - the preferred choice for drinking beer in my area :)
    Yesterday we had a public holiday which is unofficially Father's Day over here!

  6. FUN! my father-in-law- would dig the cutting boards! Your father's day items are really cool!

  7. WTG getting ahead of the game this year! All of your Father's Day items are fantastic. I'm sure that lots of people will be picking up cuff links as well.

  8. You gave me a panic attack because I thought I was late but you're just early! LOL! Great gift ideas Edi!

  9. My dad is the cook in the house and I would love to give him a cutting board like yours, but I know he would declare it "too nice to use!" and it would become yet another thing sitting around on display instead of in use! This habit really irritates my mom. I've given him nice pot holders and dish towels, but he keeps on using the ratty ones because the new ones are "too nice."

  10. The Grill Master is my favourite, too. And I always admire your creativity and hard work; and I love how you always use all occasions to offer more unique gifts. A lot to learn from you!


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