Thursday, January 7, 2016

Top Sellers for 2015

Personalized items always make great gifts. And when you can find a hole in the market that seems to be unfilled, it's even better.

My Handwritten Cutting Boards aren't anything new to my shop or to the handmade world as a whole, but they still remain my number one seller, especially for the holidays. Anything with a loved one's handwriting makes the item even more special.

My wooden ornaments were popular again this year as well. And the First Home Ornaments were especially popular. This is one of those "holes" I was talking about. I know there are generic first home ornaments out there, but to get a picture of your actual house at the time you bought it...that's pretty special. And these were purchased by both the home owners as well as by friends/family as gifts.

Another "hole" in the market that I didn't realize was there were the Ironman Ornaments. I'd made these for the same customer 2 years in a row and decided to add them to my shop to see if they'd sell. Boy did they! I had no idea so many people participated in these competitions. They're held all over the world and several times per year!
And while this is a competition for both men and women, I think the rustic style of the wood really appeals as a "guy gift".

Did you find any "holes" in your market or untapped territory? I know I'll be on the lookout for other unique items to add to my shop for next year!


  1. Happy New Year, Edi! Funny I never really think of sales in this turns out when I make something for myself, then throw it in the shop, it sells! So I keep checking in with what is missing from my own gallery, then draw it :)

    Well done, on all your successes!

  2. Oooh, I like that cutting board idea :D I know of many holes in my market I need to fill, the hard time to making the time to get it done! Running your own biz is so much work!

  3. I love the cutting board and esp the "First Home Ornament". I had similar experience with my Pumpkins! This year I am planning to introduce stuff in my shop that 'really sells' which I make but don't sell, so have a lot to do!

  4. Your items are wonderful. So glad you had such a successful holiday run. I'll have to start digging around for "holes" in my market. I think, 4 years ago, my boutique oven mitts were a hole, but not anymore. I do have 2 new products I plan to introduce after tax season.
    My cord keepers were a hole in the craft fair market - I've literally sold hundreds of those (and reduced the size of my scrap pile slightly).

  5. What neat niche items with the Ironman and first home ornaments. I wish I had more photos of the first home I purchased. Having an ornament is a unique way to always remember it.

  6. You have great business sense Edi! Those Iron Man ornaments are so cool!

  7. I agree that finding a hole in the marketplace is the way to go. That's what I did when I started selling affordable wedding jewelry in 2009. At that point, it was still before the DIY trend and a lot of brides were used to overpaying for everything.

    These days, I'm filling a hole with the "affordable interior decorator" angle, since most people who work with clients in-home are still aiming for luxury projects. There are a lot of online competitors for that, but not as many who work with people face-to-face.

  8. I can see why these are your top sellers! Especially those cutting boards with a handwritten recipe :)
    In the fabric world I'm aiming to fill a "hole" with a collection nobody else has...

  9. The handwritten customisable cutting boards are a fantastic idea. No wonder they're in your top sellers :)

    This year I'd like to try something new altogether. I'm in the very beginning stages so hopefully it's something I can launch this year.

  10. I totally found an unexpected 'hole' with my submarine ornaments. I thought people would like them, but I had no idea just how popular they would be. I guess they're like your Ironman ornaments - people who've survived it want to show it! We're hoping to add to our wood shop this summer so we can have more submarine items (namely cribbage boards) next year.

  11. I love the new house ornaments! That is something that would be right up my husband's alley. I love how you're talking about holes in the market- I really should look at my own shop and see what I can come up with!

  12. Great job Edi! One of my New Year's girls is to promote my Etsy shop more, so here's hoping I find those holes this year!!!


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