Thursday, April 14, 2016

Where the Buffalo Roam

Sometimes on Friday afternoons Jesse and I like to hop in the car and cruise around the country side. It's a lot nicer now that the sun is starting to shine and the grass is starting to turn green. We just pick a direction and see where the road takes us. A couple weeks ago we wound up on a road close to Jesse's brother's, but one I'd never been on before, apparently. Because out of nowhere, there were buffalo!

I had no idea there were buffalo in this area and no idea they were this close to his brother's house! We drove by at the perfect time since they were eating right up close to the fence. I was a little worried that this one had his head out of the fence! But he popped back in pretty quick when I got out to take pictures. Of course Jesse wouldn't let me pet them...what a :)

These buffalo live on a ranch along with cows. Of course now my wheels are turning as to whether our fence will hold a buffalo (our cow did get out the other day!) and how young you can get them. They're just the coolest creatures to see up close! Wouldn't they make a fun pet :)


  1. Wow, they look huge! I've never seen buffalo up close before! I would've wanted to pet them too :)

  2. They are amazing creatures. I've seen them in herds in western SD, but never up close!

    1. We saw quite a few the year we went to Sturgis, but as you said, not up close.

  3. I didn't realize people raised buffalo like you raise cows. So cool to see them up close like that.

  4. Ahahaha. I think you'd get along with some friends in West Virginia! They're love going to the stock sale on the weekend. The other weekend she tried to bring home a llama!

  5. They are big but amazing animals! Not sure they are friendly like cows but it would be fun to have one!

  6. whoa! they are big! not sure the horns say 'friendly' to me - ha! but it would be fun to pet one

  7. What a fun find! They are massive! My friend and I were on a car safari in TX on vacation where there was a buffalo. She dared me to feed it by hand and I did! He came right up to the window (even though he towered over the car) and stuck out his crazy tongue and soaked my hand. It is as disgusting as you can imagine. LOL He was so docile. It was an amazing experience.

  8. Whoa!! Somebody in my husband's family used to have buffalo on their farm, and the entire family still talks about it to this day. Everybody was really excited about them, haha.

  9. Pet bison~ for those with a HUGE yard. ;)


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