Monday, March 29, 2010

Has Spring Sprung???

It's amazing what you can find when you get outside! I tend to spend most (pretty much all) of my time inside. But yesterday I was outside doing some things and walked in front of the house and what did I see...
And a peek of what's to come :)
Does this mean spring has sprung? Here in Iowa we just never know. We've been known to have those early spring snow storms even into April! Though the weather has been spring-like so far: warmer weather and lots of rain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a sign of sunny days and even warmer weather :)
Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods?


  1. We're getting there! I've seen a few daffodils out so far and the buds are starting on the trees :)

  2. Even in SW Ohio, we've had snow in April. Although, I see leaves poking out of the ground, trees budding, and flowers bursting open every year, it never fails to capture my heart.
    Happy Spring!

  3. Our crocuses came and went in January & February and the daffodils are starting to fade now but the trees are budding and flowering so we have a whole new round of spring coming soon!

  4. yippee!!! Mine look like that last pic :)

  5. Isn't that just a wonderful sight? I am so amazed that gladiolas and lilies that the original home owner planted over eight years ago still pop up! What a treat.


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