Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring in Iowa

Happy First Day of Spring!!!
Ah...Spring :) Days of warmer weather. Flowers blooming. More time outside. Well...maybe for most of you! Here in Iowa...our Spring looks a little different. This is what I woke up to this morning:
Thursday the tempurature was over 60 degrees...and now this! I guess that's just Iowa weather for ya...LOL :)
Have a great first day of matter your weather :)


  1. We had over 60 degrees on Thursday as well and woke up to the same thing on Friday! Grrrr! Iowa springs! LOL

  2. Hopefully your days warm up again soon! It's sunny and nearly 70 here today but the rain returns tomorrow. At least it's not snow I guess! :D

  3. yah! spring? well, think green thoughts, it'll be here soon more than just calendar-wise :)

  4. How depressing is that?? It looks like the first day of winter!! I hope you get some warmer weather soon.

  5. It can be like that in Cincinnati as well!


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