Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful everyday for my EtsyBloggers Team and teammates :) And today I want to send out an extra special Thank You to my teammate Ruthie :)
Each month Ruthie hosts a contest on her blog to see who leaves the most comments. She gives away gift certificates to her Etsy Shop and I've gotten so many awesome pieces of jewelry there!
I won a gift certificate back in December and hadn't used it yet. I knew Ruthie was going to be adding new rings to her shop and I just had to have one! In the meantime, I also won a gift certificate in February! (Previous winners aren't eligible for one month.) WooHoo...this meant I got a cool new ring and a pair of pink earrings :)
The minute I opened the package I put on the ring...and it fit like a dream! I worked in it all day making scrapbooks and never even noticed it was there. It so comfy and lays flat on my finger! And it's the perfect thickness too...not too tall I can't close my finger, but large enough you see lots of color :)
This Thursday I am thankful for a friend like Ruthie :)
Who are you thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for wonderful team mates who love my jewelry - like you :)

  2. A great feature of a supper gal. I'm grateful for good friends, artistry, and most of all generosity in spirit.

  3. That ring is so beautiful!! and you got it before me!! LOL

  4. It is so great when the team members support each other. Thank you for doing this, and, congratulations Ruthie!

  5. great ring!
    I am thankful for many, but here I'll say I'm thankful for my wonderful, supportive etsy blogger teammates!

  6. what fabulous items! congrats on your win! off to look at her blog.

  7. Love your new ring. What a fun idea for Ruthie to offer gift certificates for posting comments. Congrats for being a winner.

  8. Love that ring - it's so my style! Jx


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